Joffrey, you know an actor is good when he has pissed you off enough to make you wish you could fill the mouthy little **** in.
Totally with you on that one, I watched every one of his scenes with clenched fists. It was an excellent bit of casting, he didn't even have to open his mouth just the shape of his head set me off.
I’d be pretty fit with a couple of thousand White Walkers up my Jacksie...
I'm a lesser man than you.. it would only take one @jarrod248 and I'd leave Usain Bolt in my dust
An eighty-hour binge of soft porn and dwarfs becoming mainstream? Who'd have thunk it?
I have tried running after one shouting, "Come back 'ere ye feckin' four legged cur!" It's not for winners and is somewhat embarrassing when public are around.
Kinda like

Yep, pretty much says it all. Cheeky fecker was going just fast enough that I couldn't catch him. After a top five miler time he stops and turns round with look of "What's your problem?"
It's the bit where they let you get within touching distance then shoot off again that really does me in.


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So who'll be sitting on the Iron Throne tomorrow? My prediction; Sansa.
I'll let you know at 03:30 :mrgreen: (Am working nights so have set alarm for 02:00 to watch it)


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Not quite what I was expecting, but near enough.
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