Game Fair 2018

I`ve got my tickets and accommodation booked , Warwickshire this year . always an enjoyable couple of days wandering around in my opinion ... Game Fair


Pop in and see us in row k gundog at the end of gunmakers
I've coughed up for the enclosure, meals inc , somewhere to lounge and posh totty
I'll be at the end of row K near the gundogs, bring totty and ales.
I've coughed up for the enclosure, meals inc , somewhere to lounge and posh totty
if i can find myself a guy with a pair of holland and holland and some decent stalking then I'd be a happy woman

I've been going to ragley hall since i was toddler, I can't justify that cost when i think it's been going down hill.

back in my day it was all lurcher and terrier men
I'll pop buy, I might have the GSP in tow
If its hot we will have the cooling coats out for the dogs plus the usual paddling pools.
Indeed its often too hot but what can you do
I'll be taking this chap to be measured.
Cracking heid Ugly, even on your ~shite~ retro scales (I’m shaking my head and laughing in equal measures) it will be a gold or high silver all day long.

Are you going to get it mounted? I only ask as (and please don’t take offence), the boiling job looks like a Friday afternoon job when you’ve just been told the local pub is doing free drinks, and now would be a good time to get a cape for it off a willing source of burgers!!!
Maybe mount it as its the first off the estate. I couldn't really be arsed as I haven't mounted any for years. I've even stopped tanning hides but passed on my tools and chemicals to a person just starting out. That skulls been sun bleaching in the conservatory for a month


Get it shoulder mounted you tight arrse!!!
The Cape was still in moult so I didn't keep it
Ive paid for one once, a replacement cape doe a really nice head, it cost me £350 but looks really good on my office wall and caused a few turned heads driving home with it on the front seat.
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