Game Birds

Game bird season is nearly upon us according to all the reports on the radio etc so - recount your tales of the game birds you have known. Alternatively if you are a game bird - let us know how game you really are or have been in the past.

The first really game bird I encountered would have been in the Arborfield area circa 1985. Actually stole her off a mate who had been buying her drinks all night - cheers B***. Dirty as anything and went like a train - you name it, she had done it or was willing to try it anyway. Introduced me to the pleasures of the great outdoors and various contortionist positions you can get to in a Ford Fiesta.

A favourite memory was at a party in Reading and other partygoers trying to get into the only bathroom after we had been in there for some time indulging in activities where she nearly cracked her skull on the sink. Still - introduced me to the pleasures of looking into the mirror at partners face, her hanging onto sink for all she is worth while you plough her furrow from behind. Happy days.

Also the time in the empty house in Belfast but that is a different story - it was bloody cold though!!
Andover, September 1986. Met a lovely young 16 year old in a pub, along with her equally stunning mate. Took 'em both back to the block after last orders, and her mate went through some of the junior leaders that night and gave them all thrush :lol: . Very game!!

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