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Gambling - How did you lose your money!

I knew this chap when he was a Gold Sergeant... went on to be commissioned, MBE, QGM, MiD, President of the Manchester Grenadier Guards Association went on to take his own life following prison.

An army major who received the Queen's Gallantry Medal for bravery has been jailed for stealing more than £70,000 from army cadets.​

Joseph Sandison, a former soldier decorated for his actions in Northern Ireland, took money from Hereford and Worcester Army Cadet Force to fund a gambling addiction.​

Another Manchester worker who liked to have a little flutter once in a while...
Finance worker at airline catering firm who blew so much of her bosses' money on online gambling she got VIP status is jailed for four years for swindling £680,000​

A destructive illness I suppose. Happily, an illness I am completely immune to.
When it stops being fun, stop.
I does have an excitement angle, definitely. I've only ever gambled what I could afford to lose.
The worst place I have ever gambled was in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I don't know how I managed to win at Roulette with the $100 I exchanged for the local groats, 'Tenge'. I won thousands but when I went to cash in, I ended up with $100. I might have been ripped off by the house. :rolleyes:


When I used to gamble, maybe 20 years ago, an average week was two racecourse trips, dog track twice a week and casino twice a week. Also daily bets on the horses on my bookie phone account.
It got to the stage that my losses were unsustainable, and I quit totally.
It seemed that I either had 2k cash in my pocket or stony broke with 3 weeks to payday
Only ever been inside a bookies once when I was a youngster.
Gambling has just never floated my boat.
Same here. I put a couple of quid on a dog a mate raced, which won and two bets when a golf afternoon was rained off. I do one line of euromillions and that’s it.


I don't mind losing a few quid at the races, attending the big meetings, not the bookies, as its the day out as much as the gambling. This was the Cheltenham Festival.

arrse DSC_0024.JPG

Shock Dice.
I was addicted to that game in BAOR (12 years) and I've introduced the game to my local. If you're going to drink, then why not have a laugh whilst you're doing it? Can't beat that. I have a couple of cups on my sideboard.

arrse IMG_20200809_164357.jpg


Book Reviewer
Spoof, does anyone still play that for drinks ?


Book Reviewer
'If you're playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you.'

Paul Newman (Alledgedly)

Learnt that early.
If anything would put you off the fruit machines, it would be sitting in the Stripeys Mess at RM Poole listening to the RSM say each month that they had taken £2K profit out of the 2 one-arm bandits. QRs state that Sgts. Messes must charge mess fees - we paid a nominal 50p a month, all funded courtesy of the people feeding the machines.

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