Galway Air Show - Merlin door falls off

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by REG002, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. It'd be a hilarious opportunity to poke fun at defence cutbacks, if only members of the public hadn't been injured :( .

    Poor buggers, must have come as a bloody shock!
  2. I'm pretty sure you can live with only one door.... Doors are like Kidneys I think.

    T C
  3. Fcuking hell!

    I hope no-one was injured too much. I'm from near there. The pikey barstewards must have tried to nick it...
  4. What have defence cutbacks got to do with a door falling off a new'ish cab?
  5. Now just why was the Helicopter over the crowd. I thought that due to accidents that have happened in the past that all displays must take place some distance away from the public viewing area. The public are normally a 100 yards back from the runway and all displays will take place around the runway
  6. Have you ever been to Salthill? If you have, you'd know that that would be impossible there.
  7. The report does say this:

    The incident happened at around a quarter past six this evening as the Merlin helicopter took off to return to the UK.
  8. God Damn those Crown Forces feckers!
    Dropping doors on the Free State, back to Armed Struggle i say.
    I am of course codding.
    (Catch in no way means harm to anyone least of all the Connemara Cavemen out thata way)

  9. aghhh your a culchie from Connaught
  10. The MOD might have stipulated that all the fasteners and bolts etc were made of ABS Plastic instead of steel, in a bid to save 1.31 pence per airframe :lol: .
  11. Just a thought but do you reckon all those pre flight safety checks that they insisted on doing in S Armagh not that long ago were carried out? I am fairly certain that after Jo Public had crawled over my cab I would want to check the yellow and black handles etc.. :?:
  12. Well, where I'm from straddles the Leinster/Connacht border. But I went to boarding school in Galway, my parents now live near Galway and I had trials for Connacht rugby so....

    beats being a thieving pikey dublin knacker though! :D
  13. Ding! How much you wanna bet that some kid who's parents weren't paying close attention gave a lever a tug?
  14. Probably while saying something about it only being "supposed to blow the bloody doors off".