Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by J_D, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

    I know this is an army website but thought i would ask this.

    The hanging gallows in HMS Drake are the only offical working gallows in uk, does that count for europe?

    Plus i know you can still get hung for treason and arson to MOD property, but how bad would it have to be for that to happen?
  2. I think they repealed the treason thing - you can't be executed in UK at all. The Isle of Man still has the death penalty for murder, you can be sentenced to death but it is always commuted to life in prison. I am presuming that this means they have a gallows of some description?
  3. Guilty conscience? :lol:
  4. They may be working but we have totally abolished the death penalty in all its forms for all offences(by the back door by signing up to european legislation on human rights etc)

    So the only way to execute someone officially in Britain today is to give him a table leg/Umbrella/Vacuum cleaner tube,send him into the street and phone the police :lol:
  5. Or put out a contract. I,m all yours for £15k :wink:
  6. Balliwich of Guerney (Guerney, Sark and Aldernay) still have death for treason on their books (not subject to the EU laws and regs)!

    mind, you can still beat your wife in Sark (on Sunday's only, and as long as the stick is no thicker than her thumb)!!!!!! 8O
  7. The last civilian gallows were in Wandsworth prison. They were kept for the Treason, Piracy and Arson in a Naval Dockyard offences, but were dismantled in the early '90s, before the offences ceased to be capital.

    Doesn't the army still have the death penalty for crimes like assisting the enemy in wartime?
  8. Yes
  9. LOL firestarter. There are also serious penalties for editing other people's posts. :wink:
  10. Well,I'll be hanged!!!!! :lol:
  11. So what is now the punishment for Desertion (I know spelling) under fire? And do the Military Jails (Not that I would know!!) still have the book telling you what you can be killed for?????
  12. [/quote]
  13. In the 18th century wars against the French, the ultimate punishment for cowardice by soldiers of a Highland regiment would have been to have "their names put up in the kirk" back home.

    I dont believe that sanction ever needed to be applied.
  14. THE THIN RED LINE[/!!!!!