Galloways eBay auction sabotaged

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by batus_survivor, Feb 9, 2006.

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    No, it means that noone wants to buy his tat.
  2. He did donate his Big Brother money...I think.
  3. You didn't think it through George. If I was your agent, I'd have advised you to:

    Shave off the moustache

    Put the hairs into separate tins

    Sell them off as 'George's pussy-cat Whiskas'

    There'd be plenty to go around, lots of buyers and some much-needed cash for the long-suffering Palestinians
  4. hahah those poor 'children' more like Hamas suicide bombers.
  5. [/quote]

    Suits me sir.
  6. Suits me sir.
  7. How touching.
  8. Very touching.
  9. Touching what? :wink:

    Besides, who says £150,000 is unreasonable? I thought he knew some very rich sheiks...

    Or maybe its one of the many female admirers of George 'Love God' Galloway
  10. Yes......female admirers......