Galloways eBay auction sabotaged


George Galloway's attempt to auction the tracksuit top he wore on Celebrity Big Brother has been sabotaged by eBay users putting in "astronomical" bids.

The Respect MP, selling the garment to raise money for the Palestinian charity Interpal, removed it from the website after a bid of £150,000 was received.

Mr Galloway told the BBC News website: "This stupid act means children in the West Bank and Gaza will suffer."
No, it means that noone wants to buy his tat.
You didn't think it through George. If I was your agent, I'd have advised you to:

Shave off the moustache

Put the hairs into separate tins

Sell them off as 'George's pussy-cat Whiskas'

There'd be plenty to go around, lots of buyers and some much-needed cash for the long-suffering Palestinians


War Hero
Touching what? :wink:

Besides, who says £150,000 is unreasonable? I thought he knew some very rich sheiks...

Or maybe its one of the many female admirers of George 'Love God' Galloway

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