Galloway Wins Saddam Cash Libel Case

MP George Galloway has won his High Court libel action against the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

He was awarded ?150,000 damages over "outrageous and incredibly damaging" claims he was in the pay of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.The 50-year-old MP for Glasgow Kelvin, an outspoken critic of the Iraq invasion, smiled as Mr Justice Eady gave his ruling.

Afterwards he described the result as a "judicial caning" for the Telegraph.

"I was portrayed as an enemy of the state. The real enemies are those reponsible for taking Britain to war," he said.

Mr Galloway, who was thrown out of the Labour Party for outspoken comments about the Iraq war, added: "I would have been bankrupted if I had lost this case."

The judge said he was "obliged to compensate Mr Galloway... and to make an award for the purposes of restoring his reputation".

He added: "I do not think those purposes would be achieved by any award less than £150,000."

He also ordered the Telegraph to pay £1m costs.

Mr Galloway sued the paper over a series of articles last April which followed the discovery of documents in Iraq by its reporter David Blair.

The stories claimed Mr Galloway had secretly received £375,000 from Saddam and that he had diverted money from Iraq's oil-for-food programme.

The newspaper denied libel, claiming it was responsible journalism and in the public interest to publish the contents of the documents.

A Telegraph spokesman said the judgment was "a blow to the principle of freedom of expression in this country". The newspaper will appeal, he added.

Mr Galloway sued the paper over a series of articles last April which followed the discovery of documents in Iraq by its reporter David Blair.

any relation I wonder?
"If you are asking did I support the Soviet Union, yes I did. Yes, I did support the Soviet Union, and I think the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life."

"If I have to choose between the Mullocracy in Tehran or a British and American invasion of Iran, I'll be with the Mullocracy..."

"If it comes to invasion of North Korea, I'll be with North Korea."

"The Iraqis have a legal and moral right to resist violent, illegal, foreign occupation, and that's what they're exercising."

"...if George Bush and Tony Blair invade Iran, I'll be with Iran."

All copyright George Galloway, who is (for the benefit of any of his lawyers reading this), not an enemy of the state.
He must be a very good constituency MP. I cant believe that 20000 odd people in Glasgow vote for him for his foreign policy views, errrmm which of course he is fully entitled to!
He gets elected because his consituency is slap bang in the middle of the area housing the University of Glasgow, whose unwashed, trendy, pseudo-intellectual students all vote for him. Once they grow up and enter the real world they'll realise what he is and vote otherwise. His constituency is sometimes called "Baghdad west". However his old Mucker Saddam Hussein isn't so indefatigable now. Is he George?
Who cares.

Never thought I'd ever say this.

Well done George!

And a big fat Raspberry, to the Telegraph, who should have questioned the extremely dodgy source, and still went ahead.

And a quick"David, you are a bit of a naif"to David Blair, who I believe was fait comme une kipper

(Bombed out torched HQ, but everything with the word "Galloway" on it untouched)

You probably got what you deserved here George, but maybe you also learnt something?

Don't attack members of the board of Hollinger International on a regular basis, they have a very very long reach and memories like Elephants :twisted:

NB: In case anyone thinks I've been at the Herbal Terbacca.I still think the bloke is Ladybits, but I like certain members of the board of Hollinger far , far less.
Whilst I too am no fan of the Hollinger mafia, I woul fail to mourn if Galloway "fell" in front of a train in the morning.
Self serving git.
Yep, agree with PTP on this. Hate Galloway more than the French but it's no good hanging him using inaccurate comment. God knows he provides sufficient grounds himself that he doesn't need to be fit up.
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