Galloway supports attacks on Brit forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by claymore, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. From today's Herald in Scotland. I know who needs a good kicking...... :twisted:

    Galloway: ‘I hope they stay in Iraq … they’ll get a kicking’

    PHIL MILLER August 18 2004

    GEORGE Galloway, the rebel MP, yesterday said he hoped that US and British forces in Iraq will stay there so they can receive a "bloody good hiding" from the Iraqi armed resistance to the occupation.
    Mr Galloway, who said he would stand as a candidate for his new party, Respect, at the next general election, was asked at a packed session at the Edinburgh International Book Festival whether he wanted the troops to be withdrawn from Iraq.
    He said: "In a perverse way I hope they stay there. If they stay there they will get a bloody good hiding.
    "The Vietnamese gave them a bloody good hiding 30 years ago and they did not invade another country for a long time afterwards.
    "And the Iraqi people are giving them a hiding day and daily and will continue to do so in increasing numbers as long as they stay there."
    The Glasgow Kelvin MP, who was expelled from the Labour party last October, also suggested that the resistance against coalition forces made it less likely that President George W Bush would invade other countries, such as Iran.
    He also prophesied gloom for the Middle East. He said he had lost faith in the "two state" solution for Israel and Palestine and said Israel's future was "blood and war for many decades".
    He added: "There is no prospect for a peaceful solution, there is no peace process, there is only endless war. I supported Arafat and the Oslo treaty but the time for the two state solution is almost certainly gone."
    Mr Galloway was speaking at the book festival, which is sponsored by The Herald and the Sunday Herald, to promote his latest book, I'm Not the Only One.
    He prompted some jeers from the audience when he poured scorn on the idea of Scottish independence.
    He described the idea as "bonkers" – despite Respect's electoral pact with the Scottish Socialist party, which advocates separation from the UK.
    The MP said Respect would field between 25 and 100 candidates in England and Wales in next year's general election, and hoped soon to announce his target constituency, somewhere in east London.
  2. This guy is a bigger madman than all the rest of the lunatics.
  3. Someone should string this treacherous bathtard up. And his cronies.

    Better still, hang, draw and quarter the troublesome oik and send his remnants out to the four corners of this glorious Isle, and put his head on a spike on London Bridge.
  4. "Gorgeous George" is obviously making his bid to win the forces' 'Most Hated Cnut of the Year" award. But there's strong competition, with TCH, El Presidente Tony B. Liar, and Grasping Gordon also in the running. And CDS and POD are coming up fast on the rails as outside contenders. :lol:
  5. geroge is a tit, Simple as really.
  6. He's married to an Iraqi bint. AND he wears a camel-coat. Case for the prosecution rests, m'lud. 8)
  7. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    He is the rent-a-quote and sound bite that the media loves so well. Ron Brown was the same with Libya and he was well sorted out at the election. Just watch GG disappear following the next election. It is a curious thing for him to do naming his party Respect as he only seems to have respect for himself. I wonder if he will get 6 people to sign his nomination papers.

    He is another embarrasing product to Team Labour in Scotland and believe me there are plenty like him.
  8. The blokes a knob, a cnut and a bigger twat than al sadr.

    But he is entitled to his opinion. Thats why we have free speech unlike the previous ruler of Iraq.

    (Now then, wheres my Hunting rifle. Chavs and Galloways over the mantle piece.)
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    "Some People Just Need Killin'" as they say back in Texas
  10. I wouldn't tie CDS & POD with Galloway. CDS & POD we may be disappointed with, but Galloway does need a damn good enlightening experience.
  11. Further candidates for the pit are really volunteering themselves this week
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Come the election when the Arrse Party emerges as victor and I humbly take my place as Minister for Internal Stability, there are certain elements of 'society' such as Mr Galloway who will most definitely and irrevocably be...... stabilized.

  13. I was actually going to appoint a Minister for Internement and Summary Justice, but if that's the name you want the dept to go by I have no dramas with that. The Secrte Police, would of course, continue to report directly to me.
  14. Galloway is a gobby Jock cnut, and is in desperate need of an interview behind the Drill Shed.
    If you can access the Torygraph web site, in the opinion column is a very interesting article by John Keegan. He asks the question "Who will defend the Armed Forces?" The answer would appear to be "No fcuker".
    :evil: :evil:
  15. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nutstrangler. With a nickname like that you should be well up for sorting him out. :twisted: