Galloway strikes again...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. The man should be very careful. He sails close to the wind of preaching hate crimes. Would love to see him slung out of the country. He could go and live with his bezzas in Syria.
  2. We should deport him to Iraq/Syria/Iran and let him live with his mates.
  3. Mc Haw-Haw is off on one again. Interesting company he keeps these days. He ought to realise that the "insurgents" are mainly outsiders
  4. Can this 'person' sink any lower???

    I hope his electronic safety equipment is withdrawn, if the govt have allowed him any, whilst visiting Iraq
    I'm sure it'd be of more use elsewhere.
  5. This man is the scum of the earth. Maybe he should visit his "martyrs", but be sure to pack an orange boiler suit though George.

    Rant over.
  6. No chance of Galloway going to Iraq and getting killed then?
  7. Surly he’s getting very close to treason, should we not start campaigning for the return of the death penalty before he’s convicted.
  8. At least not by the insurgents, maybe he might like to join them

    "At your target in front,........go on"
  9. As he is so fond of martyrs, perhaps he ought to try it out for himself?
  10. Well that's very close to the wind. Not a good move George, we can shrug off your comments about Baghdad as just you being gobby and a media ho , but a certain other country don't take kindly to criticism about Jerusalem.
  11. I wonder if our Israeli friends have a stace on incitement?

    Might be an abject lesson if ALI Galloway had an 'ACCIDENT' on his travels, our Israeli friends do have a knack for forceable interpretation of law.
    International law never seemed to stop them removing' HAMAS or PLO opposition if theysee it they remove it.
  12. I can't see GG being pursued up Damascus High Street by a Hellfire.

    But I wouldn't recommend he goes swimming in a hurry :)
  13. If anything he is encouraging more violence in the middle east, endangering the lives of our fellow brothers, he needs to be slotted. We cannot have a loose cannon like this running about spouting off crap like this. Why can the powers that be hold him for extremist views or incitement to hate.