Galloway may face charges over new Iraq documents

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. From The Times,,2-2009259,00.html#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=Britain

    So Galloway gets kicked out of CBB, declared bankrupt and given the news he might be charged by the SFO on the same day.

    There is, some where, a God.
  2. Hallelujah, praise the Lord-da.
  3. Amazing , they keep going after him don't they?

    Someone is taking this very personally. Two questions ;

    1. How much has "bringing democracy to Iraq" cost the British taxpayer so far?

    2. How much of our tax has been trousered by less than honest Iraqi politicians and bent contractors?

    By all means prosecute Galloway if he is guilty , but he's not the only one that needs to be in the dock.
  4. He'll be home free. It's the Serious Fraud Office investigating him. I seem to recall an analogy involving a p1ss up and a brewery, but I'm a little hazy on specifics.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Don't we prosecute him and then it is decided whether or not he is guilty?

    Personally, I do hope that he is found guilty. Regardless of the rigts or wrongs of the Iraq War, he called on British Soldiers to revolt, which is sedition plain and simple.

    Hang the Cnut.
  6. Any case will have to be absolutely watertight. This b'stard can wriggle more than a box full of wriggly things!!

    Interestingly if he is found guilty he'll have to pay back the libel money? (depending on appeal outcome).
  7. Answer to question 1 is about £3,500,000,000 so far and rising rapidly every day we're still there. And that's just in terms of MoD spending, without considering anything by the FCO or DfID and money towards various contractors and security firms.

    Answer to Q2 is certainly not known by this C/S but it's more than I get paid!
  8. I think Big Brother will finish him off anyway
  9. I'd be very surprised if they make the sh*t stick to Gorgeous George. After being the subject of a concerted effort to dig all the dirt up on him by the USA, and having humiliated their senate/court investigator on live TV, I imagine he'll not be quaking in his boots to hear that the SFO is on his case. A bit like being "savaged by a dead sheep" to quote Maggie.

    I've been wrong before, but I don't believe that he has embezzled funds from the Miriam Fund(s), it doesn't fit with what is known of the man. Granted, he's a c*nt of the highest order, and I despise the outlook he stands for; as OldSnowy said the twat has espoused sedition in the Forces, he should be in the Tower. But grubby criminality? Nah.

    Amazing, you can be arrested for reading out a list of names of War dead, or for calling a Police horse "Gay", but it's perfectly OK to spew treason. Funny old world...
  10. He's a buffoon, aloud mouthed Buffon, but a very slippery loud mouth Buffon.
  11. The Beautiful thing is that if the appeal against the libel case against the Telegraph is succesful, Galloway will be forced to pay his and the Teleraph's costs, which are reputed to be over £2.5million.

    If that was the case, he is more than likely to declare himself bankrupt. As if that's not good enough, under the rules of Parliment, no-one can serve as an MP when declared bankrupt. Thus he would be proven to be a Liar and a thief, and will be skint and forced out of his job.

    Ooh i do hope the judge is in a bad mood today :twisted:
  12. I'd not be so sure.

    I'm currently in the (anti) fraud business,and I've seen guys just like him (portly,with facial hair,and a predelection for cigars and expensive suits) embezzle a lot more than old gorgeous has been accused of.

    Some people know no limits in terms of depths they're prepared to sink to when it comes to making a lot of money quickly.
  13. Which brings me to my original point Random.

    It almost seems Galloway is being hounded , not for a sum of money which even at exaggerated estimates, is a fraction of what the UK taxpayer has been (allegedly) defrauded of in bringing democracy and reconstruction to foreign lands , but persecuted because "He made the mates of my best mate look like rank amateurs"
  14. PTP,

    Oh someone is gunning for him,that's for sure. Just got to take it one case at a time sadly,whilst I understand the point you're trying to make,and agree 100% that any allegations of fraud should be investigated,and action taken/not taken upon the outcome of said investigations, I do believe that it shouldn't be based upon the size of the butchers bill, so to speak.
  15. Pedantic I know, but it was Denis Healy referring to Geoffrey Howe.

    I'm finding it funny that thousands of Galloway's constituents have signed an e-petition to get rid of him. Are these the same tw@ats who voted for him in the first place, knowing full well of his dodgy dealings?

    If he survives all the sh1t waiting for him, I will salute his indefagitability. Then do the lump hammer thing (see other thread "Is GG a cnut?").

    Edited/Red inked for clarity or something