Galloway in the news again!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, May 12, 2005.

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    Edited by me......allegedly :oops:
  2. "The guys guilty...........hanging is too good for that t@sser"

    Couldn't we train him to clear mines or something. Give some sappers a day off.
  3. I have no luv for Galloway or the frog but so far the report does not say they actually profited from sales just that they where granted the right to trade.
    Treason would seem to have occured if george did trade with the enemy why Brit troops where fighting and dieing.
  4. Mr G is such a nice man!!

    One can only hope something 'nice' eventually happens to him :wink: :wink:
  5. He is a Member of Parliament, so obviously he is beyond reproach... like Bliar!
  6. Are they trying to ressurect this old chestnut? Tony must be really upset that Oona got binned.

    The Telegraph and Christian Science Montitor have already contributed to Galloways' 'F*ck off big cigars' fund based on printing allegations around this story. US and British Intelligence have already examined these 'documents' and found them to be forgeries , so why is this coming up again?

    Oh I forgot, it's the BBC , die süßer stimme von Neuer Arbeit.
  7. Its the septics that want his balls in a vice this time PTP, not just tone :D
  8. The septics couldn't give a rat's hairy chuff who Galloway is.

    This is happening under the 'Calling in a favour' category.
  9. You old sceptic :wink:
  10. According to the reporting on the Today Programme, the Senate were looking at completely seperate docs to the Torygraph.

    Torygraph docs came from Iraqi home office and 1990-93, senate docs from Ministry for Oil and from 2000-03.

    No smoke without fire? I hope like hell he is guilty, he is an evil and nasty piece of work.
  11. Galloway has already made £1.6million in damages. Sociopathic (but allegely charming) weasel.
  12. Torygraph documents came from the infamous burnt out room at either ISS or the Oil Ministry?

    The senate docs come from an American controlled Iraqi ministry?

    Galloway is a gobby c*nt , no doubt , but I don't remember him taking us to war on the flimsiest of excuses.

    This smells of stitch-up, as nice as it would be to see Gobby George taken down a peg or two, this smells worse than a 20 day old kipper.

    I would suggest if George wants to know, who apart from Bluppet wants him rolled, he needs to look at which US personalities he has attacked in vitriolic fashion , who DO have access to the Oil Ministry.
  13. Alternatively he could be as guilty as sin.
  14. So has anyone asked Saddam yet?
  15. I think Saddam is sitting on a stool in his cell, hugging himseld whilst rocking backwards and forwards muttering 'wibble' under his breath. He proberbly going to say anything to keep his head on his shoulders at the momnet.