Galloway in front of senate commitee

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, May 17, 2005.

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  1. The senate is now in session and giving its evidence

    Live feed

    lets see the fireworks! :D
  2. I doubt that we would hear anything new. Again they would be baseless accusations. As I understand there is no evidenses that mr.Galloway have received at least 1 penny.

    Let's look at the picture. Oh, now mr.Galloway stands up and hold his speech...
  3. he is on now and ripping the pish
  4. Really can 2 meetings with Saddam be called as 'many meatings'?
  5. Mr.Galloway refers to Hansard. It is official document. It can be checked.
  6. Mr. Galloway pointed to serious factual mistakes in American meterials.

    Mr.Galloway: "Case for the war was pack of lies".

  7. He certainly didn'y mince his words - questioning of GG has now begun, carried live on Radio 5.
  8. On the place of mr.Galloway I would ask if you senator would know that there is no WMD in Iraq then would you appove the war?

    Anyway, now it is clear that mr.Galloway hasn't received personally even a penny. Siply there is no even one document, even one evidence that could prove it.
  9. He hasn't said "I knew of no proposal or plan from which I or mine might benefit financially etc etc", just that he hasn't owned oil, got no money, and had not heard of the company on the letter head.

    For someone to be very specific, yet leave such a big hole is curious. I wonder how all this will play in the States ?. I understand all the news networks went for a live feed as soon as he entered the arena.
  10. For all Iv said about this fukcer in the past he impressed the panties of me.
  11. Ditto CF

    I may not be GG's greatest fan by a long shot , but damn!

    "Git som" GG :D
  12. The expresion "like rabbits caught in the headlights" springs to mind. Lucky for them it wasnt Dennis Skinner in the frame
  13. I read that some Congresscritter harrumphed that Mr. Galloway had better not have told the committee any whoppers or it'll go hard for him.
  14. None of our elected represenatives took money from Saddam. Its amazing how Galloway essentially sold his soul if not his allegiance to Saddam.
  15. How much money did Don Rumsfeld take from Saddam Tom6?

    I appreciate it wasn't for him personally , but did money or goods change hands?

    Someone , somewhere is running an agenda, and George has seen right through it , and is taking the fight to them. Ireally don't like the man , but I have to admire the fact he's thrown the colours up and stood into danger.

    As for elected representatives not taking money from Saddam....... Can you be sure that no elected representative ever has taken the Iraqi Dollar?

    Someone somewhere had to ok the deals of the 80's.

    Anyway , good luck George , don't go walking in woods or go for a swim anytime soon will you.