Galloway gets a kicking?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vonshot, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. I heard a whisper that George Galloway (what a loyal patriot) was in a rumble in the East end last night. Anyone heard anything?
  2. Haven't heard.

    But he has a house in Streatham!
  3. The Telegraph said yesterday that they have leave to appeal against the previous judgement against them re this prong.
  4. Ehh?
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Come on, Chaps! threatening with death is no use! We want ACTION here :twisted:
  6. Looks like Bethnal Green is going to get interesting, George will just portray the martyr.

    Bethnal Green will get the MP it deserves...... not much of a choice though
  7. Btw Oona King MP said that anyone opposed the war in Iraq was "against Democracy"

    Interesting understanding of democracy.

    Telegraph don't RESPECT George but first of all don't want to pay 150000 GBP.
  8. 8O Why would anyone want to give him a kickin!??!?!?
    He such a loyal patriot and all round nice guy?
    Think best solution is all get a fish counter ticket and wait for your turn!
    Number 1 ......Oh that'll be me!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  9. She is not an MP, in fact, we have no MPs as we speak since parliament was disolved for the general election. So there.
  10. This begs a few questions.

    Firstly, if anyone who is British and loyal, anyone who was pro Iraq war and now anyone who is Muslim is against 'our friend' Galloway, what support has he? You'd think he would have packed his bags and decided to spend a couple of months away on holiday...... a very long way away.

    Secondly, I know Galloway is a real slime ball, but if the mob that confronted them and threatened them with death on the grounds of religion (and of course polotics) had been say...... european, and the group being threatened were a group of Muslims, do you think that at the end of the episode only two would have been arrested? I don't think so. The whole mob would be up for inciting racial hatred, breech of the peace or threatening behaviour.

    What is this country comming to?
  11. And what about the fact that alot of politicians standing for election dont even come from the places they are standing ffs galloways is from glasgow so how the hell can he stand in the eastend of london as a candidate??? Surely its not right (but its allowed)
  12. Dear friend! I dare to disagree. Ms. Oona King is in official list of MPs. Parliament is not functioning now, but its members still have status of MPs.

    Look at official site of British parliament.

    Though it is insignificant detail. Anyway she is (and I hope will be) former MP.