Galloway exposes " Fake Sheikh"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. Saw him on Channel 4 News arguing with some t0sser from NotW. Gave much better than he got, and then whipped out A4 size photo of the 'reporter' which he waved in front of the camera.

    Jon Snow looked a bit taken aback, but I can't help feeling that they knew he might/would do it.
  2. Shame it's not the job centre for Galloway!
  3. Not excactly an up to date picture is it :lol:
  4. I like his style. The NoTW got what it deserved. For years they have been setting people up on the pretext of so calles 'investigative' journalism.

    Nice one George!
  5. I fully agree too. Mazher Mahmood tried to secure an injunction but failed in getting his pic on the Respect party website. He claimed his family would be in danger. Should have thought about that before!!!
  6. I am torn.

    The NOTW is utter gutter crap, I'm still harbouring dark thoughts over their choice to publish the pictures of the rioters being "disciplined".

    That being said Galloway is dog of the highest order.

    The best outcome I can think of would have been for George to have taken a massive backhander - been disgraced and then he retaliates by outing the Fake Sheikh.

    Still I suppose we are halfway there.

  7. now trying to use the right to privacy bwhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :twisted:
  8. the amount of offical secrets act the NoTW has broken in the name of investagive journalism is a joke!!

    I can't understand why the police haven't processcuted them for the one where they faked a man application to serve as a butler?? surely he must have lied on his official secrects act form which I believe they warn you about in training that you can receive a 10 year sentance for!!

    you can garrentee that if it was a young squadie he would have had the book thrown at him even if he claimed it was "investagive"
  9. Looks like my dad circa 1970