Galloway documents faked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 20, 2003.

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    Guess the Telegraph will get a new owner.....
  2. bugger.....thought someone had at last caught the slimy sod out.
  3. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    If it's true then I'm rather glad to be honest, I always had him down as an MP with the guts to stand up and be counted for what he believed to be right.
  4. love to be a fly on the wall , the day george gives Perle his P45 -lololol
  5. Are you on f***ing drugs? The man is a parasite that deserves to be shot, not sanctified.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    As I understand it the documents in question were in the hands of a US paper. The ones the Telegraph have are different.
  7. The truth will always out, despite conspiracys in your government

    how does this work in your country???
  8. Chomp ;D
  9. Galloway sues the Telegraph

    Yes  I think he's a fool and a motormouth and at best misguided in the causes he supports, almost as if he wants to be deliberately contrary , but there is something quintessentially British, about the little man taking on the might of a hostile entity.

    So get in there George, the Telegraph will be a bloody interesting read when you own it -lololololol
  10. Part time Pongo,

    Always enjoy seeing a member of our esteemed press (hopefully) getting its comeuppance and Galloway may appear to some as "quintessentially British, a little man taking on the might of a hostile entity."  

    Still thinks he's a knob, though.
  11. Gorgeous George may still have a problem, though. The expert who confirmed that the documents used by the Christian Science Monitor were fakes has apparently also looked at the documents used by the Telegraph, and has said that they look pretty bona fide to him. ..

    Since the source for this was the Telegraph, we'll have to see - but their tone is just so smug that either a) the paper is turning into the Guardian or b) they have some additional bits of evidence that their QC will wheel out at the libel hearing...
  12. Galloway is an MP so therefore a leach, yes he speaks out but is he,will he be premiere, no, for we all know that he is after is the limelight, like all of them, and yes you could say this is stereotyping (i am using two fingers) but if he was a "good un" there is no way he would have ended up on that unmentionable tv thing wearing those fairy tights he is obviously so fond of, so just another gobby jock going knowhere (next PM? probably)
  13. He's a knob, but he's Our knob...
  14. It's safe to say PTP, that there is a lot of top cover between those who decide to publish, and those who live in castles. I also wonder who would fund any ongoing action from Galloway?

    Go along with comments about him standing up to the establishment, but the media whore in him (think Rula Lenska and her pussy) is sickening.

    (and Rula Lenska dropped off the teenage dream memory recall, pretty damn quick too). :)
  15. It took 5 years to think of that reply?