Galloway dismisses new oil claims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 25, 2005.

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  2. The Man is an ocean going stroker of the very highest order and a first class example of the high living socialists who practice not what they preac
  3. And how many Jock politicians fit that description?
  4. Lets just hope the Yanks can provide evidence and get him once and for all.
  5. ...and that the Torygraph win their appeal against his 150 grands worth of damages.

  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Don't count your chickens, Galloway is as slippery as an eel in a vat of KY jelly.
  7. And Coleman is his mirror image- an overambitious, sanctimonious little prick if ever there was one. My guess is that he knows he's on borrowed time and he's trying to mask the fact that he got a good rifting on his home turf in front of the world's media, from a gobby Scottish communist. Say what you like about Gorgeous George, but he's too smart to be out-foxed by this chopper.

    Coleman has only been in office for less than 3 years and has dug himself into a huge hole already. His biggest problem being that he sold himself to the people of Minnesota as a moderate Republican and then lined up with Bush for 98% of his voting record, his speciality being "hatin' on The Gays" and abortion (positions that typically go down as well in MN as a turd in a punchbowl). His election campaign was also helped immeasurably by the fact that his opponent (the very popular incumbent, Paul Wellstone) was killed in a plane crash 11 days before the election. That having been said, MN is kind of a weird place politically. They seem to see nothing incongruent with simulateously being a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association, and they elected a former pro wrestler (and ex-SEAL), Jesse Ventura, as their governor. Generally though, the state is moderate to liberal (with libertarianism doing quite well also). Kerry carried the state by a 3% margin last November.
  8. The alligation seems to be that money has been found in his wifes bank account.
    I am no fan of the git but lets see him hanged for what it can be proved he's done.
    PS I am not that nieve that I don't think he would not have know about money in wifes bank account but proving it's another matter.
  9. Love him or loathe him, you have to admit he's entertaining!

    Those that loathe him might like to read his book, "I'm not the only one", very useful for revealing the murky pasts of the rest of the cabinet.
  10. Sure. Absolutely agree - but this tosser has had the brass neck to wave his dangly bits in our faces for too long. Blatent corrupt champagne socialist who has half the dim witted population believing his bile. The achilles heel of democracy are the Sun readers.

    Apart from that he's a good bloke.
  11. None of the Spam news services (even Fcux News) is covering this. There's no mention of the report anywhere on the US Senate's website apart from Coleman's homepage. They might be keeping it in store to try and lay down some smoke for the ensuing feeding frenzy concerning the CIA leak, but I doubt it- Galloway is small potatoes compared to indictments of White House senior staff and an emergency reorg of the West Wing.

    Interesting to note that the Grauniad (the official journal of The Labour Party and therefore presumably no friend of Georgey Boy) mentions that the report cites information from the likes of Tariq Aziz. A credible source if ever there was one, I'm sure- a guy that's soon to be on trial for his life. :roll: I'd be interested to find out under whose authority Galloway's bank account details were accessed.
  12. Unlikely. It would be better for Telegraphists to pay silently and close the case. Now they are making costless ads to GG and these shortminded senators too.

    My personal attitude to mr.Galloway had been changed from neutral to rather positive and many who disagree with his political line appresiate his courage. George (alone!) is fighting against influental mass-media, againsts British political establishment and American senate.
  13. What a great statement. I think I heard that one on Scooby Doo.
  14. Not sure I've ever seen any performance by Galloway that strikes me as smart. Sticking to a line of 'Not me guv' and 'A big dictator did it and then ran away' doesn't carry much intellectual rigour as far as I can see, and masking it all with some long words referenced that morning in the Concise OED doesn't really compensate.

    Edited for chavness
  15. you'll have to forgive Crabie, his hatred of Yanks does tend to cloud his judgement!