Galloway dazed by ball attack


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Galloway assaulted - 1,000,000 people (at last count) are suspected by the police
Man's a two faced cnut. Shame it didn't hit him harder.

One of the few people I loath (even if I do admire his oratory skills - few better there)
gunnerfalkey said:
Good drills. Shame it wasn't 5.56 ball. :)
My thoughts exactly! Quality shot from the office worker!
Good Drills, that man! :clap: :D

If the English Cricket Team have any sense, they'll offer the bloke a tryout - he's a natural born Bowler! :highfive:

The only downside is he did'nt throw a grenade... :twisted:


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Grenade my hairy arse. I say anything less 500lb bomb is cutting it too fine. Breakage can be considered acceptable as long as that bast... is pushing up the daiseys by lunch time.
JoseyWales said:
George went out on a full toss.
You mean a complete tosser went out on a full toss.
Cnut just went past my office in Victoria, couldn't get the grenades out of the drawer quickly enough. Sorry Lads, I'll be ready next time.
Sorry I thought somebody had attacked the balls of the treasonous piece of sh1t. Now there's an idea.......................


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Serious question. How does "Gorgeous" George feel about aroung a quater of a million people with weapons training wanting to nail his hide to a tree? Statistics suggest that there has to be someone both capable AND willing to slot him.

Is he worried by this? Ignorant? Or just so damn arrogant and ivory tower that he thinks it would never happen in a million years?

I hope he dies soon. I'm young enough that I would be able to p1ss on his grave even if I was an old man by the time I got to the front of the que.
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