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Galloway clashes with!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by luke, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Yes....and "respect" :D to George for wiping the smarmy smile of the face of that arrse licking splitarrse oona king. Still haven't stopped laughing.......
  2. I'm not sure which one is the bigger tosser, Galloway or Paxman. Probably have to call it even.
  3. I wonder if she'd lick my arrse, if I asked her nicely?
  4. CP, i normally like Paxman as he never lets them off when they choose not to answer but i have to agree with you. They both came away like two little spoilt school kids.

    I think he was looking for a fight!
  5. Hear, hear.
  6. George still didn't answer a simple question, rather than give a standard politico non-answer he chose to be belligerent. Still, give the guys a break, it was probably well into the small hours by then.
  7. I've just listened to that interview with Galloway, and frankly think that the BBC should discipline Paxo for it. I've no time for Galloway in the first place, but Paxman's starting question was unutterably stupid ("are you proud of getting rid one of the very few black women in parliament?"), and his follow-ups were correspondingly moronic and provocative. Galloway's reaction to this idiocy was absolutely justified. It didn't help to have David Lamy dribbling on the carpet there afterwards, either.
  8. Paxman should accept he'll never trump his Howard "did you threaten to sack him" interview way back when.....

    I was once taught to keep one's gob shut to avoid making a cnut of your self.... Paxman & Galloway take note!!! 8O
  9. Outstanding video link, thank you Luke!

    I thought at first that Paxman was just being professionally provocative with his outrageous opening question, but his reaction to Galloway as the interview developed betrayed an appalling political bias against someone who, after all, had just won a democratic election.

    Not one of Paxman's and the BBC's finer moments, except that it makes such great viewing. I never thought I would say this, but well done, George Galloway, for seeing Jeremy off.
  10. Are there any non bbc links? I can't get that one to work here with the port blocking.