I have just been reading a book I bought recently on Gallipoli, which is brilliant and I recommend (by L.A.Carlyon)Gallipoli and my mother mentioned my Great Grandfather has an account of his time spent at Gallipoli. It is part of his memoirs and I've hosted them on a link for anyone interested (I think it gives a brilliant insight into the conditions, but that might just be me) Account
I remember the Battlefield Detectives series on the Discovery Channel.
What a tradgety, no shortage of guts on either side, but some bad planning and a pig headiness when failure must have been staring the Leaders in the face from very early on.
Crabby, What a marvellous and valuable account your Great-Grandpa wrote! I read it with much enjoyment, noting the astounding resourcefulness that is such a hallmark of the British squaddie and was evident even then.
Thanks for going to the trouble of posting that. My great-uncle was also killed at Gallipolli and, as a young boy, I was priveleged to read the few letters he managed to write during that time. Your Great-Grandpa's report reminded me very strongly of them and of the sacrifice these very courageous men made.

I was shocked when I read that account - especially when I combined it with the book. General Birdwood was in command of the Australians and was much admired - for my Great Grandfather to have impressed him with his ingenuity is impressive (to me anyway).
There is more to the account, his time from joining in 09 as a "boy", through the R.G.A, his time at Salonica, how his commission fell through due to illness (pleurisy and malaria) etc. He died when my Grandfather was 2 weeks old.
I'm now trying to get hold of my Grandfather's accounts, as he fought in the Western Desert, met his hero Monty, was caught behind the lines, fought in Belgium winter 44/45 also went out to the Middle East sometime (all with the Marines). I hardly knew my Grandfather (even though he only died last year), but being able to read someone's account, a small part of a bigger history, is brilliant.

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