Gallipoli Centenary

As ARRSERS are probably well aware, 2015 is the centenary of that strategically good idea that was horribly planned jaunt to the Dardanelles. There has been much planning put into this centenary which has much significance for Turkey as well as the ANZAC nations on the allied side. By shear chance I came across a radio program discussing some of the music that is to be played at the centenary and it included some interesting snippets about the musical history of the campaign. I have included a link to the program which can be downloaded.

Evidently there were a number of notable musicians on both sides and it was not unknown for them to perform, especially at dusk. This was to the enjoyment of both sides and there were examples of requests being played across the front lines. The interesting part of the interview with the musical director for the centenary starts about half way through the program.

Chris Latham and music at Gallipoli - The Music Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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