Gallipoli - An ANZAC disaster? Not really.

This post - wildly misplaced on a Rorke's Drift thread - needs a proper home. of its own.

Gundulph said:
How about a new thread started to rip that Mel Gibson a new ARRSE Hole about the truth behind Gallipolli and that t**t of a film that all Ozzies believe to be the truth and nothing but!

Gallipolli Myths 1

Gallipoli Myths 2

Contrary to the belief of almost every Ozzie and Kiwi that it was only ANZACS unscrupulously sent into Gallipoli by the Brits (I experienced the utter contempt the majority of Ozzies have for the Brits on their ANZAC Day, when through sheer ignorance of the facts they use that day also as a kind of Anti-British Day!!!) :-

The British had contributed 468,000 in the battle for Gallipoli with 33.512 killed. 7,636 missing and 78,000 wounded. The French were next most numerous in total numbers and in casualties. The Anzacs lost 8,000 men in Gallipoli and a further 18,000 were wounded.

'Few Australians realise that 'the British, French and Indian casualties were far greater than those of the Anzacs, and that the British bore the brunt of the fighting - and the losses.'

I'm hoping a Moderator will take the hint, and lift all the other Gallipoli/ANZAc associated posts out of there, into here, so sensible discussions can continue on 2 unrelated subjects.

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