Gallipoli Actor Bill Hunter RIP

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, May 22, 2011.

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  1. One of Australia's favourite actors, Bill Hunter, has died of cancer, aged 71, in Melbourne.

    He was known for his roles in classic Australian films like Muriel's Wedding, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Strictly Ballroom.

    He played an Australian officer in the World War I film Gallipoli.

    His career spanned more
  2. Gallipoli was a fairly dire movie, did he do anything that was worth watching?
  3. In 'Gallipoli' he did something common to soldiers and actors - he died.
  4. Bill Hunter.

    Top Man, Rosemary's Wedding.

    The one about formation dancing.

    No Australian Film was complete without Bill Hunter.

    Forget that Mel Gibson Shite.
  5. It was 'Muriel's wedding' actually.
    He was great in it. Especially when he walked Muriel up the aisle and said to the groom "She's all yours now mate". Brilliant line.
  6. And the one about formation dancing was Strictly Ballroom.
  7. Saw him in The Square the other night. Good movie.

    He was a good actor. Specialised in playing blowhard bosses and fathers in law towards the end.
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  8. You do realise that knowing that makes you a girl.
  9. Damn. I always wondered why I was different than the rest of the boys.
  10. Tits out and post pictures then.
  11. Bill Hunter was one of the Australian Labor Party’s favourite son’s.

    You also need to know that the script for 'Gallipoli' was scripted by David Williamson, the ALP's head of 'modern myth manufacture'

    Forget for a minute , the automatic ARSSE bigotry against any film that Mel Gibson appears in. It is pretty irrelevant in this instance.

    Hunter was very good in Davidson's construction of 'Gallipoli'. Mel really had nothing to do with any of the aspects of that movie that raises the ire of most poms.

    It was one of Mel Gibson's best films. It was also Hunter's second best portrayal of an Officer on film. (His effort alongside Jack Thompson in 'Spyforce' was far superior IMHO.)

    Russell Boyd the Cinematographer managed to make the South Australian coastline look exactly like the way George Lambert painted the cliffs and crags of the Turkish coast.

    There are plenty of hat tips to the contemporary British cinema renaissance of the early 1980’s too. One of the themes of Gallipoli is the comparison between sport and war. The theme music in Gallipoli in the all the running sequences is from Jean Michael Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’. For mine this is either a direct borrow or happy accident from the same use that was put to Vangelis for ‘Chariots of Fire’. (the Albioni was good as well)

    I doubt that most Pomgolian’s who bitch about ‘Gallipoli’ have either seen it or understand it.

    Make no mistake, ‘Gallipoli’ IS historically flawed. Compared to more recent efforts from elsewhere, like U-571 however, it holds up as a beacon of accuracy. It beats ANY of the UK film treatments of the Gallipoli campaign by a country mile.

    ‘Gallipoli’ was a good film and even though Hunter was a ‘luvvy’, he was good in it and just about everything else he was in.

    Vale Captain Pollock
  12. I second post 12
  13. Like what? I don't recall any British film treatments of the Gallipoli campaign - apart of course from the incredibly exact for a faction-movie "All The Kings Men" or the more contemporaneous but schmaltzy "Tell England".
  14. Im a "pomgolian" who,s seen Gallipoli enough times to have a walk on part in it.

    Historically flawed undoubtedly, but i think the thing thing that grips us pomgolian,s more than anything else is the tacit suggestion that the Brits were bloody mindedly sending wave after wave of Anzacs to a futile death whilst we did sweet fa. Quote "The British must be allowed to get ashore at Suvla". In fact throughout the Dardanelles campaign British casualties totalled over 200,000 including 43,000 killed.

    The music is very good though, but Mark Lee comes across as a bit of a gayer.