Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by gado, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. When did the gallery become a forum of soft porn & total bo!!ox?

    What has happened to this site that I once thought fun & amusing & now find cringe worthy & pathetic? I don't wonna see stupid sluts with their t!ts out, dressed in wet maids outfits, or semi military uniform. It does nothing for me except fill me with contempt.

    I understand you 'blokes' (loosest use of the term) love it, but not everyone does. CO's. . . . .You've dissapointed me & turned this site into all the others. Is nothing sacred?
  2. My comments to those "women" should give you a good combat indicator to my feelings on the subject.

    On a less serious note, I don't suppose there's any chance of a gash shot from you.
  3. Well said Gado
  4. lol, bless you sweety. There is a v tastefull cleavage shot in the gallery already. Thats as far as it goes I'm afraid. I'm a very sensible young lady (honest)
  6. It's now full of fcuking wh0res who want nothing less than rogering by a squaddie, any squaddie will do.

    They post dull, dull, dull pointless unrelated sh1te that clogs my brain, makes interesting or funny posts fall off the spectrum and generally adds to the impression that Arrse has become the new

    Any hint of criticism is met by the said fcuking slags running of to the CO's, all teary eyed demanding that all nesty comments are removed, which normally ends up with a complete thread deletion.

    They then gather in their Coven to slag us all off whilst being too mind numingly fcuking stupid to realise that every word they say is leaked back to the regular users of the site

    As a random exampe, some fcuking stupid split arrse said

    In case you misunderstood me I FCUKING HATE YOU

    Ahhh, that feels better.
  7. I was hammered in the name on the site & am still full clothed. There is nothing sleazy or dirty about the pic (if you ever meet me you'll know why!). I fyou want that type of thing then you should bugger of & find yourself a suitabley sleezy site to play on. . . . . let me advise 'steak & cheese. com'. Should be about right for idiots like you.
  8. I detest most women especially civilian ones who trawl on military internet sites for the angry c0ck.

    I'm chuffed to fcuk that their "secure" covern has been DFd ( do you understand that abbrieviation you civvie whores?).

    Die you filthy feckers, DIE, DIE.

    And relax................
  9. Their site was compromsed from day one due to the fact that most of the members so desperatley want to be "one of the gang" that they will happily stab all of their muckers in the back whilst under the misguided illusion that the people that they are leaking the info / passwords / user names to give a flying fcuk whether they actually live or die.

  10. Christ almighty lighten up - look dad a soldier with tits
  11. And the selfish cnuts wont even film whilst there doing it, naer mind offer a reach round.....
  12. Weirdo, I bet you even fancy women.
  13. Harry, you are a fool who obviously joined the army (if you ever did) for all the wrong reasons. Chicks in uniform should be respected & if you ever meet me, then watch out & be afraid (& also get a grip, how old are you?)
  14. He's a squaddy and a proper one at that.

    Gado, you only joined up to live in a room full of other lezzers.

    BTW, I'm masturbating and typing.
  15. Another lumpy jumper who is getting ideas above her ability. :roll:
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