Gallery Search Function

Tried to see if anyone has made a thread about this before (unsuccessfully, as I just got a load of results saying 'use the search function, you feckwit' or words to that effect.

Is there a way of searching the gallery to find pics with a certain name or uploaded by a certain user?

Thanks, C.

Good CO

there should be yes. I also discovered that this was missing a couple of days ago. I won't be able to do it today but it's on the things-to-do. Thanks for the prompt.


Ahhhhhhh! It has been mentioned before. :D

I was wondering is it was possible .... or indeed desirable? 8O ........ for links to be shown, on users' account profiles, to pictures that the user has posted in the gallery. :?

My thoughts were that (if it wasn't too toe-curling a concept :omfg: ) it might be presented in much the same way as the users' Jokes.

(This thought came to mind when I found Hitch's photos of the overgrown Templar Barracks. Sometimes one is aware that a certain user has posted some interesing pictures, and this might facilitate the search for them.

Heaven forbid, I wasn't thinking of it as an aid for SCHs. :omg: )