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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by cnj_uk, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Can someone tell me how I put pictures into the gallery within my profile? I've managed to set up an album, but I have not managed to work out the gallery bit.
  2. No idea? Are you gonna put some dirty photos up for us all?
  3. Be careful where you put them, you REALLY don't want to post them outside the 'safe area'
  4. I don't do dirty, so it would all be quite safe stuff.

    Where are the safe areas by the way.
  5. There's an area called 'safe area'!
  6. The photo-uptake software is set on a colour/texture sensitivity that has difficulty uploading pictures with a lot of clothing in it. Try posting pictures where you're only wearing the minimum or nothing at all.
  7. Fair do's. I'll leave you to being groomed by BigBird.
  8. Now look! I'm onto boiling hot cupa soup, so I don't want to have a repeat of this morning when I spat the corn flakes out, through laughing at replies. I'll give you an A for effort though.
  9. I put alot of effort into 'A', but not all girlies like it..........Jarrod however loves it (though not from me!)
  10. Are you just playing wifey then?
  11. That's because the big piece of chain link through your japs eye gets tangled in his bum fluff giving him an impromptu epilation sesh!
  12. Whilst taking these photos can you make sure that you are touching yourself.....naked
  13. I love the way your filthy brain works mate. Do you mind if I rummage through your bins looking for used tissues to sniff?
  14. as long as I'm promised a reach-around.
  15. Boys, are you all sex starved? I know I asked that question the other day, but blooming eck your appetites for it are well, like nothing I've ever seen on the Internet before.