Gallas in Own Goal Shocker

A statement from Chelsea's official website that William Gallas threatened to score an own goal as a result of the club not allowing him to cut his contract short. Is this just Chelsea trying to unsettle him now he's already left? Or are they telling the truth? Either way, I think it's rather unprofessional, in a 'It's not my fault, he started it' kind of way.

Arsene Wenger had the decency to publicly wish Ashley Cole well at the start of his Chelsea career, I think Mourinho should have done the same.
As much as a Chelsea fan that I am, I do have to wonder sometimes why they make themselves look right cnuts in the media. At the end of the day, even if Gallas said what he is supposed to have said, the club should have been bigger than that and just wished him well. I agree with you 100% skintboy
Agreed. Gallas's staement that the management at Chelsea "lack class" is bang on the (Russian) money. Wenger got the upper hand in this one, Chelsea just look petulant.
As DS often says this is Chelsea’s time and he’s going to enjoy it, however, It’s such a shame that what this current Chelski team are achieving on the field is always being overshadowed the clubs hierarchy.

Not only the Gallas incident, but the claim by Jose that France are treating Claude Makelele like a slave (metaphor or not, bad choice of words).

I am sure that if Makelele did indeed not want to play for France any more (and I really can’t see a practical way of enforcement, regardless of threats), a simple statement to the effect that he is deeply honoured that his country still value him, however he stands by his retirement, would suffice.

It’s all quite sad really.


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It's all spin at the end of the day, I think they should leave the talking to when the teams on the football pitch
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