Gallantry award for S/Sgt Schmid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wet_blobby, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Should he not get the V.C considering he died due to enemy action?
    I always thought a G.C. was for an act of bravery during which the enemy were not involved in

    Either way well deserved
  2. Given the little I've heard of SSgt Schmid's work, a gallantry decoration would seem entirely appropriate.

    Traditionally, the GC / GM has been awarded to bomb disposal personnel - although the bomb has been planted by the enemy (or the Royal or US Air Forces) they were not directly involved in "enemy action" (cf Signalman Kenneth Smith GC - as well as many RE and now-RLC personnel.)

    I would be surprised if the DSO was awarded - as an order rather than a decoration, it is very rarely awarded posthumously (I believe only if it has be approved but not yet gazetted before death - but there are some WW2 examples where I believe this did happen - Lt Cdr Wanklyn VC DSO** bars - although this may be down to them being bars)
  3. The V.C is awarded for bravery in the Presence of the enemy I believe, but at least a G.C or D.S.O is fair recognition of the extemely brave soldier.
  4. I feel this is the wrong sort of speculation and only raises false expectations which may disappoint when an announcement is made.

    Sorry to sound negative but speculation over possible medal awards add no value whatsoever.
  5. True. But given that Andrew Alderson has plasted it all over the Torygraph - with help from whatever "senior sources" are when they look at themselves in the shaving mirror, a bit of wibble amongst the more-or-less-anonymous horde here is hardly going to impact on Mrs Schmid.
  6. You're right about the DSO, it cannot be awarded postumously as membership of an order is only open to those who are alive. Besides, in the 1993 review the DSO was reverted to 'Leadership' only and no longer Gallantry, being replaced by the CGC.

    I would say a GC or GM for sure.

  7. i don't doubt for a second that the man is deserving of an award BUT it won't bring him back to his family.
  8. Agreed but it does recognise the work he did, certainly off the back of the CO of the Rifles superlative commendation it would be inept not to give him a deserved award. As to the DSO that would certainly set a precedent and I think the GC for his acts would be valid however this was in the face of the enemy so why not the VC?
    GCs were common amongst the EoD fraternity but many were out of contact certainly the WW2 awards, it would appear many of S/Sgt Schmid's were whilst under fire, or the iminent threat of coming under fire.
    A very brave man what ever the outcome.
  9. Like a few have said above, the V.C. shouldn't be ruled out due to the times S/Sgt Schmid risked his own life in the face of the enemy in order to save the lives of fellow soldiers, what better and more fitting way for the RLC High Threat Operator to be awarded/recognised.
  10. Several times now the journos - informed by 'senior' sources, have describe a cert for the highest honour, only for the list to come out and award to be something else - thinking of Capt Dave Hicks who was awarded the Military Cross, not the VC that the sun proclaimed after his tragic death. The same was also true of Cpl Ruecker.

    Eveytime I read these stories my heart sinks. If the soldier has paid the ultimate price it will not bring them back (as mentioned above), but for the living soldiers and the families of all, there must be a degree of disappointment if they 'only' get an MC or GC. These medals are not given lightly, and whilst I really hope that SSgt Schmid does indeed recieve the highest award, I hope no one is disappointed if he does not. Raising expections does not help anyone and perhaps could make things worse.

    I believe it was Churchill who said that 'A medal glitters, but it also casts a shadow'.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    This isn't the time or place for speculation; personally, I think the media should resist the urge as well.

    Thread locked.
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