Gale force winds!? Shut the country down!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. You might have noticed that it's a bit windy here in Scotland today.

    I'm a bit baffled by the decision to shut down a load of public buildings. All the schools in my area are off, the colleges and nurseries are off and the actual civic centre itself is off at the moment. Okay, they're belter winds, I'm not denying that but the country isn't exactly being ripped apart. I don't understand all the fuss about shutting down the offices. I can maybe extend my sympathy to the schools where there is perhaps some kind of health and safety issue but why everything else?

    My missus has just texted me from college (she's doing a course for work) and told me she'll be home in an hour because of the weather warning. Everybody's there who doesn't have to look after their kid and the tutors are there but they're going to call it a day before 12PM. It's daft.
  2. Wait til the Hurricaine Mary Doll hits properly.

    Forth Road Bridge closed with 80mph winds
  3. We're clocking 80mph-90mph down here too.

    I can understand bridges etc being closed.

    All's good and well here, though. I sat in the top deck of a doubler decker bus to get home from work this morning, walked from the town centre to my house etc. Aye, okay, it's cold and incredibly ******* windy but it didn't really give me any cause for alarm. How come my work isn't shutting down? It's got the same number of stories as the local council HQ here.
  4. Sorry about that, I am finishing at lunch time :)
  5. So another ******* civil service shopping day then in Sconny Botland
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  6. Couldn't tell you I am not in CS :)
  7. It CAN cause more injuries by closing schools and offices pre maturely. Because it lets hordes of people out onto the roads maybe when the weather is worst. If they all calmed down and had a brew and refused to PANIC they would be doing the best thing.
  8. HAS Scotland never heard of

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  9. Stop complaining about the shut down, go home (or to the pub) and get drunk fellas!
  10. The Scots women are only worried that strong winds will blow up the scots mens Kilts and make their sporrans go soft and weak.
  11. my work are advising that we all sod off and work from home but sadly i need to be in for a couple of calls to the states (i do actually do some work) otherwise i'd be xboxing for the rest of the day. as long as the gym is open i couldnt care less.
  12. I am currently looking out to sea off the Aberdeen coast..and the choppers and ships are still working.

    This is the local weather station from by my house in the hills...45 mph gusts just now so nothing too bad...but been staring at the dials and trying to predict what the wind speed will be the next time it refreshes...its a slow day!

    Ballogie Realtime
  13. I remember the days when we had weather forecast, now we have a weather warning! Gulible ***** from the age of nodding donkeys who see TV as the new testament!