Galaxy S2 high capacity battery


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can anyone recommend a replacent battery for an S2 with a bit more oomph mah wise please? also one with the same dimensions as the stock battery? please and thankyou.


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thank you, but it's one of those where you need an extended back panel. no good to me as it wont fit my otterbox then.
I was in same situation in end decided just to get 3 original ones, and made sure i was getting none fake ones.
as I had bad experience with cheap Chinese battery that melted, these ones that promise Higher capacity in same size of original's are load of sheep sh*t they usually don't even last as long as the original capacity ones.
you can sometimes get lucky and get a bit better, for alot more than original battery price, but i don't think its worth it to be honest..
I've got a Chinese gold 2450Mah for my Samsung Galaxy Ace, I'm getting the SII next week and to be honest I'm going to get another one from them as this one lasts soooo much longer. On the Ace the original 1350 was about 9 hours, the 1500 I got was about 12 hours and the 2450 Hong Kong job does a good 15-18 hours.

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