Gaiters for basic

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fido, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. I start basic in a few weeks for infantry and bought a set of gelert gaiters and army issue waterproof socks in addition to my kit list. Will I be allowed to use these??
  2. You will find you will get issued everything you need, well part from mr softy's rather toasty jacket but hey ho mr buffalo is good as well.
  3. Probably not.

    Why didn't you wait for your issued gaiters and issued goretex socks?????
  4. i've been told different things by different ppl, and was told that gaiters were'nt issued, i was also told the waterproof socks were issued depending on what atr you go to, so thought id get them 2 be on the safe side..
  5. I was told by a corporal a few days ago that you can only use the kit thats issued to you, unless its something off the kit list. As above i dont think gaiters are issued, but then im not doing infantry training, so wo da ey know eh.
  6. Clearly not English. :roll:
  7. Wo de ye know! :)
  8. That you have murdered the Queens english.
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  10. Gaiters? Has anybody ever actually used these in the field?
  11. Nope.

    Got issued them for OP RESOLUTE, but never used them.

    They will be in my boxes somewhere :?
  12. i've got a set, wrapped up with my websters waterproof socks that encourage trench foot!!

    if it aint issued boys dont worry bout buying it ever. The only real extra needed is a softie...
  13. I still have a tin of blanco somewhere if you need it. V. reasonable price.
  14. I suggest that you stop being such a fag and polish your boots properly.
  15. Ever done Cambrian Patrol?