Gaining Weight: Not everyones problem

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Punk_trooper, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Basically i weigh 8st 11lbs and have tried eating everything i see for the last two weeks and not put on a gram, does anybody know if using a weight gain drink mix with get me deferred from ADSC or are they acceptable??

    Apologies if theres already a thread but i couldnt find anything relating to this at.

    Peace everybody 8)
  2. lucky B******! :cry:
  3. id Agree with you mate but its gettin fcukin irritating as my AFCO advisor said ill fail my medical if i dont put weight on!!! :x
  4. Stop eating, start exercising.

    (When I say stop eating i dont actually mean stop eating.. don't sue me for telling you :D)
  5. How tall are you if you dont mind me asking?? Instead of eating a whole pile of junkfood have you tried eating 4 or 5 smaller meals a day? maybe make up a couple of milkshakes in between?
  6. I had the same problem leading up to my AOSB briefing. I tried the high-protein high-carb thing, with running, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, more hiking, more running and the progress was incredibly slow. In the end I simply gorged on fish&chips, crisps and chocolate for weeks before the briefing and (just) scraped through. Stupid idea though, because it made me feel like a heap of shit.

    I'm now at uni, and being disciplined over a long-term eating and exercise plan seems to have been more use than the old "protein 'shakes" ever were. But they won't get you binned, just see the other threads about them - they're just a concentrated form of proteins and minerals you get naturally in other foods.

    Proper food and a disciplined system of muscle promoting exercise seems a better bet though if, like mine, your metabolism incinerates pretty much anything you throw at it.
  7. Yeah this sounds exactly like me!!! lol i guess ive just gotta find the right balance for my odd body!! and im 5' 7", my BMI is 19.2, but according to the infantry printout i got theres no minimum weight, its all very confusing!!

    Thanks for the help guys
  8. a good technique to gain weight is to sip on olive oil throughout the day, its fat so very calorically dense, however the fat is relatively healthy.
  9. I'm 5'8 at 57kg i bloody hope that wont fail me!! I read somewhere bout a guy that weighed the same as me and he was 6ft odd and he passed no problemo!
  10. There is a minimum BMI however.
  11. There are some Maximuscle products that will help you gain weight, if you keep to a healthy diet. and Exercise regularly.

    Try upping your protein intake, go to the gym and ask an instructor to devise a weight gain program for you. This will put on muscle which will make you gain weight.
  12. Anyone who says they can not put on weight is bullshitting!
    I've have met dozens of skinny blokes who say "Man how do you get so big, i eat loads and workout but just can't get any bigger".
    More like they don't know how to workout to get big and that a big meal to them is really a snack.
    When i need to put on weight i can put on up to 2-4lbs a day.
    Just eat, eat, eat! Exercise with big weights, drink weight gain / whey protein shakes and no marathons!

    Get it down yah!
  13. sorry mate but im not bullshitting ive been training everyday using the army book i was give in the AFCO and ive been eating like a horse, the key is slowing down my metabolic rate, its a matter of science as well as eating a sh!t load, i can gorge on high fat foods which will make me put weight on but it will also clog my arteries with cholestoral and give me a heart attack later in life, i think the PDF link ive put above is a good way but im still open to ideas, thanks for the input
  14. I had a high calorie diet when I was around 16 as I was sick of being so skinny. I drank weight gain drinks and would have a massive breakfast in the morning too. I'm 20 now, and I've maintained a weight between 11-12 stone ever since.

    Weight gain drinks are completely natural, why would they get you deferred? All it is, is a convenient method of getting a large amount of calories into your diet in one small sitting. Not only is eating lots of food inconvenient but it can be expensive too. So I'd definitely recommend getting a weight gain drink of some sort. But don't become completely reliant on it. It's there to aid your diet, not take over it.

    But yeah, the key for me was having a big breakfast as its usually the most convenient time of day, and you are at home to prepare a big meal. I use to have a bowl of oats and some scrambled egg. Try and have several small meals throughout the day though instead of gorging only a couple huge meals.