Gagging for it !!!

A bloke arrived home from Iraq and couldn't wait to get home and get one into the wife. He'd only been back in his quarter for ten minutes when he gave the missus "The Look"
His wife muttered quietly, "We cant do it here with the kids watching."
The guy said "OK, lets get the baby sitter in and we'll go to the park."
Once in the park, the bloke pulled his wife into the bushes and started shagging for all he was worth.
Suddenly he felt a tap on the shoulder, looked round, and was horrified to see a policeman standing there. Embarrassed, he explained to the cop that he'd only just got back from Iraq after six months and that this was just a moment of weakness. He also said how embarrassing it would be for him back at his unit if he was nicked by the copper.
The cop thought for a few moments then said, "OK Don't worry..
I am an ex soldier myself and so I know how you feel, you're free to go."
Then the cop looked at the squaddies wife and said .................
"But dirty bitch, this is the fourth time this month I've caught you here..............You're nicked

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