Gag your children!!! NIMBY's at it again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Kid's will make noise,it's part of life,these killjoys who complained must not have had a happy childhood,or maybe they were kept locked up indoors gagged!

    BBC News - Selby school cancels outside break in row over noise

  2. FFS ! Some people just need a good slapping.
  3. Eejits. What is the world coming to?
  4. surely said neighbours should be at work when a primary school is having a break? I can understand it if someone is on nights and doesn't want noise when trying to sleep but you can buy earplugs

    It is important children can run around and let off steam between lessons - school is difficult enough without being denied frsh air and exercise
  5. During one of our recent postings we lived next door to the local village primary school, yes in deed there was a great deal of noise from the children when they played at break time, as a parent I found the noise completely normal and did not consider it a nuisance or annoying in any shape or form indeed I felt it was just what should be happening children enjoying themselves whilst playing out of doors.

    The only annoying element of break time was the playground supervisor, a lady of a certain age who could be constantly heard telling the children to stop running, get out of that tree, put your hat on/put your sunscreen on (if the Sun came out) etc.

    The neighbours who complained about the noise should consider themselves privileged to hear the next generation of the local children enjoying themselves, rather than complaining about a short term problem a couple of times a day and not at weekends.
  6. What a bunch of utter wazzocks!
    FFS it's a primary School, If you don't want noise then don't move next to a school!
    Why do people think they have a right to complete silence, especially during the day?
    If I were in charge at the school, I'd hire a pneumatic drill and leave it running all day just to upset the silly old duffers :)
  7. the school have now cancelled afternoon break, it was many years ago that was in school however i do believe afternoon break was 15 mins. FFS The school should buy an outdoor clock that uses a klaxon to chime the hour, every hour 24/7 that should the moaning gits out!
  8. The school sports fields have just about gone, now it's time for the school yard.

    FFS this country will be full of lard arses in 20 years time.

    PC gone mad I tell ya.
  9. The loudest noise made by these people more than likely came from those with barren wombs, who refer to their dogs as 'children' and never pass up on the opportunity to make derisory remarks about kids. You have to ask yourself what the **** is this country coming to?

    I would imagine that the local Paedophile is gutted.
  10. Tell the moaning b'stards to jog on, I'm sure this isn't a problem that has only just sprung up. Either the complainers have been there for years but ONLY NOW have realised that the kids yelling is annoying them OR the school has been there a lot longer than them and maybe when they moved in they might have noticed it there and thought that it might be a little noisy come playtime.
    The school and council should tell them to wind their necks in and then give the names of the complainers to all the local parents so they may give an opinion too
  11. I wish I lived next to a secondary school.
  12. About time too, I say. Good for them!

    And while we're at it, I want take-offs, landings, taxying and engine run-ups banned at my local airport, cars banned from the road, neighbours banned from keeping any dogs but Basenjis (or Them-modified ones) - in fact, forget that, even the padding of their paws is irritating.

    And don't even get me started on cows, sheep and fecking birds! Why are they still allowed to go around making those awful noises - it's the 21st century not 1st century Judea, for goodness sake. :evil:
  13. I've had to contend with noise nuisances before and two things stand out. Firstly, the noisey b'stards never realise what a nuisance they are, they don't believe it and don't care, even to the point of deliberately making even more noise. Secondly, in just about every case that goes to court, the decision is most usually made in FAVOUR of the noisey b'stards! Making it a waste of time and money bothering to take noisey nuisances to court.

    This school stands out as exceptional in that they seem to care and want to do something about it. So all those kids will get an idea of noise problems that kids don't normally get. I hope they aren't given the wrong idea though, in that they themselves are some sort of troublesome nuisance!

    As for the dopey pleb(s) making the complaint, they need to get a grip here and understand that things could be far, far worse than kids play times! Maybe they have started working nights or something, but I suspect that really they have a hidden agenda here. Perhaps they want the school to pay for them to get double glazing?

    Oh for f's sake! why do I have to write such rational things? Someone get me a beer! No, make that two beers, or three even!
  14. Maybe if they were at work they would not hear the children.Moanie tnucs
  15. Thanks for sharing...