GAESO Set To Apologise To Germans and Japanese

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tawahi-50, May 30, 2012.

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  1. GAESO are going to beg forgiveness from former enemies.

    Link (halfway down to page)

    No one in their right mind would believe that GAESO are full of remorse for their actions of the Gurkhas.
    They've always had their eye on the main chance and clearly there is a propaganda motive behind this.
    There seems to be an emerging pattern whereby Gurkhas are claiming to be victims of the British;

    Gyanraj Rai, UBGEA (United British Gurkhas Ex-serviceman’s Association),
  2. Of course, we forced the Gurkhas to join the British Army and fight for us didn't we? That's why they're queuing up to join still.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Saint Joanna's going to love this.
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  4. Don't say that or they'll start on about the 'coercion of economic necessity', ie it's the British fault for offering them work in the first place.
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  5. Next they'll be apologising to the Taliban on behalf of the Gurkha who took one of their heads off with a kukri.

    I mean the Talib in question was shooting at him but wasn't his enemy or anything.
  6. Re-writing history political correctness bug.
  7. What the actual ****? Apologising to the Japs and the Germans? How many former Gurkhas are actually involved in this group and how much do they agree with this I wonder?
  8. They're a force of quite effective mercenaries who now incur more costs to the nation than would British - now that they bring their families in.

    Like red coats, cavalry charges, the SMLE and pikemen, their usefulness is a thing of the past.
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  9. Gyanraj Rai, UBGEA (United British Gurkhas Ex-serviceman’s Association),

    "The MOD has exploited the Gurkhas for 200 years and they have treated the Gurkhas like slaves for 200 years."

    What utter bollocks. Having served with them I rather thought they did rather well out of us. They didn't seem to not want to join us, in fact most of the villages emptied and joined up rather than living as paupers and dying in the foothills. I rather thought their salaries propped up Nepal, after all what have they got besides some rather large impressive hills.
  10. GAESO have always been political but these claims are outrageous.

    BTW, GAESO are not the only organisation representing Gurkha veterans - and they certainly don't represent serving Gurkhas.
  11. If they are not careful the Gurkha capbadges will disappear in the history of the World.

    Which would be a shame. On the othe rhand my all in QGS stable belt, buttons, kukri stand and capbadge would probably increase in value.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    fixed it mate, no need to thank me.
  13. Cheers fella.
  14. They'll be history soon enough, as there cards were marked well before they suddenly became so pro-active at being whinging little pricks.

    I admire Johnny G as infantryman but we've quickly run out of little bits of Empire to plonk them down in and no one wants to see future cases of what has happened in NepAldershot, so perhaps it is time for them to shake hands, belt up and go home. Perhaps Commonwealth Soldiers could do likewise.
  15. How very dare you?

    The usefulness of the SMLE is definitely not a thing of the past!