Gadzooks! Boris is selected.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fozzy, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. fozzy

    fozzy Guest

  2. smudge67

    smudge67 Crow

    Good man! He may come across as a bumbling fukwit, but he actually has some good ideas!
  3. frog

    frog Old-Salt

    Anyone has got to be better than that idiot livingstone
  4. At last! A candiate who opens his mouth before checking with Central Office! The man may be mad and prone to insulting everybody, but so what? At least he's being honest about it, more so that Red Ken and his slective tastes....
  5. abeaumont

    abeaumont War Hero

    Are we sure that it is not just a cunning plan?

    Henley is such a safe seat for the Tories that a short plank of wood would get elected with a thumping great majority, or has that happened already?

    Getting him elected as Mayor is just about the only way of getting him out of the Commons - he is hardly like to do an Aitken/Archer is he?
  6. bobath

    bobath LE

    Dispite his track record, and apperance, and the things he says, and the way he says them he actually has a very powerful interlect when he sits down and thinks about things. He will certainly be different to Ken.

    Then again I don't live on London so couldn't really care less.
  7. Sven

    Sven Crow

    Which are?
  8. I do and the man has my vote! Saying that, if a telegraph pole stood against Ken the Kunt it'd have my vote!
  9. maxi_77

    maxi_77 LE

    Mind you he may get on better if he engaged his brain before opening his mouth occasionally.
  10. And spoil all the fun...???
  11. SpunkyBalls

    SpunkyBalls Clanker

    The man is a bumbling bafoon, so I suppose that makes his qualified for the job!
  12. annakey

    annakey LE

    Well, Boris’ powerful intellect wasn't on display on ‘The Today’ programme this morning. He got totally, utterly, beautifully, hammered. Livingstone will be popping the champagne. He also employs people such as Taki on 'The Spectator' - an out-and-out racist - and Doreen Lawrence, who usually keeps a low profile, has already come out and encouraged black Londoners not to vote for him. So that’s Boris stuffed. You can’t get in as London Mayor without the ethnic minority vote. This is going to be fun to watch.


  13. Hardly a paragon of virtue herself, according to a family friend who worked in the local council with her!
  14. Hasn't Red Ken got a less than savoury past in regards to racism?
  15. annakey

    annakey LE

    People have tried to pin stuff on him for supporting certain Mullahs. But I've not seen any of it stick. And those making the attacks just end up looking anti-Islamic. And then Ken laughs. Then lots of other people laugh.