Gadhafi declares Holy War on Switzerland

"After two centuries of neutrality, Switzerland found itself in a bizarre and unprecedented situation Friday, facing a would-be "holy war" announced by Libya's Moammar Gadhafi.

The Swiss government declined to comment on Gadhafi's latest salvo in a simmering diplomatic saga stemming from the Geneva police's 2008 arrest and brief detainment of his son, Hannibal, and his wife for allegedly beating up their servants." TDP link

I can't imagine downtown Geneva looking like Belfast but you never know. . .
Bernster said:
He's a complete nutter always has been, but he is a brave nut so look out Switzerland.
It's one of those odd situations which could go from farce to fracas quite quickly. He took four billion out of Switzerland. That's not messing about.
Wow I thought this was another falklands thread for a minute :x
I especially like this quote from Gaddafi: "He also urged Muslims everywhere to boycott Swiss products and to bar the country's planes and ships from the airports or seaports of Muslim nations."

So no more sales of Toblerones in Libya; Do the the Swiss actually have any ships?
Think Fasnacht touched a raw nerve, this was in the Blick:

Gaddafi setzte wegen Sohnemann Hannibal gleich der ganzen Schweiz die Öl-Schraube an. Dafür erhielt er jetzt einen Ehrenplatz den der Luzerner Fasnacht. Abgerechnet wird stets am Schluss. (Keystone)
Nice to know that the wacky Colonel Mo G. is back in character again after his international p.r. blitz over the last decade, or so. God knows that USAF and USN would love nothing better than a repeat performance over the Skies of Tripoli...
I wouldn't expect anyone to go to war with Switzerland anymore - I mean all they need to do is threaten to burn the money......

Coat, Hat? Me?
Hawk7814 said:
I wouldn't expect anyone to go to war with Switzerland anymore - I mean all they need to do is threaten to burn the money......

Coat, Hat? Me?
Since banking only makes up about 12% of Swiss GDP, I doubt very much whether that'll make an awful lot of difference.

So the mad dog of the Maghreb is at it again.

This bloke is totally barking mad.Not to mention corrupt and dangerous.

A supplier of weapons to the IRA and illicit funds to Scragill's NUM during the Thatcher years.

The French are trying to sell Rafale fighter jets to this regime and have been re-conditioning the Libyan Mirage fleet.

A pity Libya wasn't flattened in 1986 when the Americans struck with F-111s and jets off an aircraft carrier in the Med.
mokaroux said:
lewis1991blue said:
Gaddafi needs to chill the fcuk out...its ridiculous...
lets be honest, the bloke it a total fruit cake.
Yes but a fruitcake with a history of giving explosive to terrorists.
On the other hand Muammar is the Beau Brummell of tinpot dictators. Here he is standing out amongst the usual suspects:

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