Gaddafi's Hat Goes AWOL!

Poor old CMD. Clearly he has not considered the Colonel's right to choose his own head wear, as outlined in Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. It will end in tears.
Brilliant, in this age of cost cutting and belt tightening the Crabs are going to be firing £790,000 Stormshadow missiles at his head dress!!

'The clothes maketh not the man?'

If they wanted to get Gaddafi's hats then perhaps we could offer just to buy them off of him, he could probably do with the cash about now.
Actually, Gadaffi is now living on benefits on a council estate in South London. We will pay for his new hat.
OK ive got his hat and i wear it in bed, only coz the girls like it. Please dont send a missile, the wifes already pissed off at me.


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Is there something we've been missing?

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Call me Dave really meant was that they are going after Gadaffy's non airborne elements. He has been reading Arrse too much and thinks all airborne are soooooo tough that they should be left alone. Hence the 'Get Gadaffy's "Hats" !

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