Gaddafi, the IRA, Islamic extremism, and Nazi mercenaries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Britpat, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. I was just watching ITV's Exposure about Gaddafi, and had a quick search on google.

    I came accross a site that said the IRA were trained in the 1950's in commando tactics by Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's bodyguard. Whats more, the site says that Skorzeny's mercs helped overthrow the Libyan regime for Gaddafi.

    I searched the claims of Skorzeny's whereabouts, and it appears to be correct. Can anybody shed any light on this?

    GermanyWatch: What Links the IRA, Libya, and Islamic Terrorists?

    On another subject, the same site raises some alarming questions about what Siemens are up to with some UK contracts!

    Read this!

    GermanyWatch: Siemens - Data Mining Or Espionage?
  2. Thanks for the trip down tinfoil hat lane with that blog...
  3. Watched that doc on catch up tv tonight

    There's a clip of supposed PIRA footage of a heli being downed with smoke pouring from the fuselage

    The 'firers' appear to be blatting away from a lorry and a camouflaged Somalian Technical WTF ?

    credibility lost in what was an otherwise mediocre doc anyway
  4. What cracked me up was the fact that in 2011 ITV did an "expose' ' on Libya and the IRA..... Some up to date, finger on the pulse current affairs programme that!!!!!!!
  5. When I read threads like those, I sit back with a warm glow thnking about my shares in tin foil, canned goods and shot guns.
  6. I was gonna say its not exactly breaking news is it, whens the inevitable 'Who killed JFK' one?

  7. Agreed mate it was more like a history of the 'troubles' Technical clip was a WTF moment
  8. Yes, I too noted the rather bigger 14.5mm Heavy Machine gun on the back of the truck, not the Toyota and other small flatbed with wooden sides I remember seeing on the 23 September 1993 together with others from the AAC, RAF & Infantry on the Ground. One DFC, but no MID's for returning 125 rounds from 2x Lynx when receiving over 800 incoming, "Remember the Yellow Card" unquote?

    I heard no mention of the 60 x M1 Rifles in 1969, more than 2000 x firearms-pistols, M16/AR15's/AR18's Assault Rifles, M60 Machine Guns 1970-1979, or Woodmaster & Barrett Sniper Rifles from the USA.

    That the bombs use were mostly made from fertilizer, the booster charge being Semtex which came from Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Did they make those SEMTEX H labels themselves?

    The weapons from Canada, USSR, South Africa, Norway, West Germany, Belgium other parts of Europe.

    Radio Transmitters from Netherlands, Mercury tilt switches from France, etc, etc, etc.

    Read GUNRUNNERS by Sean Boyne for a more exhaustive list.

    Just Gaddaffi, Gaddafi and more Gaddaffi. So what was the point of the programme now, after all these years, didn't the CIA help put him into power in the first place? Still I suppose when he's captured he can tell us, or maybe not.