Gaddafi Cup


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PRT, while I was working in Tripoli last week, I was shown around a Rebel storage yard where items taken from Colonel Gadaffi's Bab Al Aziz were being stored.

By way of thanks for the work my colleagues and I were doing, one of the rebels gave me one of Gadaffi's Tea-cups and Saucers (see photos attached). This is a very rare item that is likely to be worth a significant amount of money in the future, and to that end, I would be delighted to donate it as a Holidays For Heros /RBL auction.


CH has
graciously given me this item to Auction again Thanks CH so here it is Bone China and 24carat gold plate cup and saucer. Who will win the Gadafi cup
The reserve has been lifted, lets get a serious bit of Wonger for this Item,


come on guys, you are not going to let PRT win the bid for 'his own item'?

Eff off PRT, I mean it! 160£
Don't do me head in. 180£.

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