Gaddafi caught planting bodies of dead children?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OllieReeder, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Interesting - though hardly surprising. A friend of Arabic extraction tells me that there is a bit of a flutter going on about supposed voice intercepts that have been put up on YouTube and Facebook, with the Libyan prime minister Bagdadi ordering his minions via telephone to go and roust out all the dead babies they can find in the hospitals, to plant somewhere for a media stunt. Supposedly sourced by disaffected members of the regime who have defected to the rebels with the tapes. My Arabic is non existent, but there does not seem to be any dispute on t'web over the (somewhat idiosyncratic) translations being offered.

    YouTube link 1
    (No subtitles, and lots of shouting from what I presume is an Arabic news anchor, but the precis is below of two conversations.)

    YouTube link 2
    (Just one conversation, but at least it is subtitled.)

    God knows whether they are genuine. Funnily enough, the explanation for sourcing seems credible - suspect the likes of Bagdadi are pretty careful on comsec in terms of being intercepted but might not think that Abdul the private secretary is taping on the extension...

    Anyway, I have always assumed they were up to this sort of nasty stunt, so not exactly a shocker.
  2. It bring a whole new meaning to "nipping down the colonel for some babies 'eds"
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  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not really surprising - upsetting yes, surprising, no.

    but what sort of name for a Libyan PM is Bagdadi?
  4. I know. It's like it's not enough to piss off the Yanks by being Gaddafi's little elf - you have to have a name like that to really make sure. Presumably one of his forebears a thousand years ago got a punishment posting from the Caliph and sent off west. Apparently the good PM is an obstetrician, so presumably an expert at working with puffed up little cnuts...

    OS - been at the Hipster Hitler website again, I see.
  5. Why would he want to plant dead babies? Do they grow into dead adults with nurturing?
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  6. He's presumably hoping they grow into strong little Guardian articles from Polly Toynbee or Simon Jenkin about how beastly NATO is, and how is nearly as misunderstood as the poor little under-privileged lambs who have no choice but to run around the streets of London liberating capitalist goods from the oppressive ruling class.

    Silly old Gaddafi. As if Polly or Simon need any help in coming to that conclusion anyway. They're Guardian luvvies.
  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I see what you mean. It should be Bigdadi.
  8. Well that's one way of growing your army.
  9. Arte et Marte - quite probably. I suppose it depends on when the source of the tapes defected to the rebels. The only thing that surprises me is that they don't seem to have a slicker system for this sort of fake evidence. Its not as though Gaddafi hasn't had plenty of practice. Do you remember a couple of months back when the BBC reporter and other journalists suddenly twigged that the same chap had turned up as "a grieving relative" at two different "NATO atrocities" on the same day? Very amateurish, you would have thought he could do better.
  10. Also the one where John Simpson, under their very noses, exposed the bombing attack on a house as staged.

    They really should have got Pallywood on board.
  11. I'd forgotten that one. Wasn't that where someone had just emptied a mag of 7.62 short into a wall and claimed it was bomb damage?
  12. Yeah, they also dug a hole about 2' in diameter as well. It was very convincing.
  13. The BBC correspondent has visited this scene twice, and gave a very pro Gadaffi report this morning, claiming that NATO had killed many civilians. He forgot to mention the rider that he was reporting while under the control of the regime.

    Nothing unusual for the BBC there then.
  14. Aaaand breathe. In through the mouth...out through the through the mouth....out through the mouth.