Gaddafi captured....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Breaking news on Sky,,Gaddafi captured and wounded,Maybe.....

    Wounded in both legs,,,
  2. Is this the same type of 'capture' as used for his sons? So he'll be back on the streets by tea-time.
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  3. BBC News: NTC official says Gaddafi captured and wounded. Awaiting confirmation.
  4. Will believe it when we see him on telly in NTC hands.
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  5. Does he wear shoes? If so, I wouldn't like to be in his right now!

    Sorry Mr Gaddaffi, but you've got what's coming to you!
  6. Will he be hanging out with Saddam Hussein?
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  7. I can see a necktie party coming along shortly.
  8. Reuters reporting this too. Off with his head!
  9. I bet Tony Blair will pop on for a peck on the cheek ... maybe not this time.
  10. Nato attacked his convoy near Sirte........
  11. I hope Tony Blair hangs with him.
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  12. Better get a spare noose ready then.
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  13. Now they are saying he has been killed,it's confused situation..
  14. Reuters are reporting it. They usually double check first.