Gaddafi at UN


Gaddafi was given a 15 minute slot to speak at the UN. He spoke for 1hr 40 mins. (Although even this is pretty poor by Cuban standards.)

Apart from demanding Tony Blair be put on trial, he also came out with some bizarre stuff.

At one point, he even demanded to know who was behind the killing of JFK....

He then turned his wrath onto America, Britain, France, Russia and China - the permanent members of the security council, or "terror council" as he renamed it. Their veto was tantamount to terrorism.

"This is terrorism, like the terrorism of al-Qaida.".....

"Now the black man doesn't have to sit in the back of the bus, the American people made him president and we are proud of that. We would be happy if Obama stayed president of America forever."
Still, HM Govt feel we can do business with this man, so he must be OK.
He's always been off, he's switched his drive for an arab union with himself in charge of course, to an African one, he supposedly has added president of the new Africa to his list of titles, he wears a robe with African printed on it with all the capitals picked out with diamonds and the rivers with gold thread ect....pimpin
The Colonel is looking more and more like an escapee from the Muppets Factory, just as dangerous, and as daft as Libyan 13 Lire Note, but 'flaky' with it. :roll: :wink:

He and Uncle Bob Mugabe probably get together to swap stories and scratch each other backs..... :)

I noticed on TV that one of the African leaders in the UN Assembly room put his hands over his eyes as if he was totally embarrassed by Gadflies's ramblings...

In fact the Colonel looks like a male version of a Wide Mouth Frog...... :roll:

Of course whilst Gadflie was yaddering away, McBalloon was being interviewd by an American TV Journalist.... I'm sure, he, McDoom, was smirking about the 'Award' he had been given for 'Outstanding Statesmanship'...... what baloney.... its like giving Teflon an award for being the 'Most Honest UK Parliamentarian'....

Meanwhile on BBC2 'Newsnight' with Paxo, Charles Clarke was still telling that McBalloon ought to resign.... all makes for an interesting evenings TV... :roll:
We've given him the stage. He thinks he's Billy Big Balls now we have bent over, dropped our Y- Fronts and squarely taken one or several right up the Gary from him 'in return for trade'.
He's had cosmetic surgery to get rid of all the laughter lines he acquired when he told Mandelson and Brown to ' me, you have my word', and they fell for it.
He's not quite as scary if you anagram his name. A Manacled Lido Guff Homo. Likewise, with the other African nutter, Robert Mugabe, spell his name backwards you get E Ba Gum Trebor.

That's the limit of my intellectual input to this debate. Sorry.
i was surprised to see that he has had so much botox done. very leslie ash but not quite as inviting. what has happened to him?!
Actually for a few minutes there I thought old Muammar was being impersonated by Mickey Rourke, who's currently starring in the reality TV series "When Plastic Surgeons Get Pissed" 8O 8O. Apparently the old Sand-Loon opined that Swine Flu is a (U.S.?) military invention gone wrong!! :lol: :lol:

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