Gabon military coup

President Ali Bongo
Who has ruled since 1966 and is reported as being in poor health.

One of Africa's more stable countries.

Interesting to see what happens in this Francophone country now.


Ali Bongo's family has ruled Gabon since 1966, not him personally.

President Ail Bongo is currently receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia.
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Its Africa dear boy; though in Gabons case, the French are pretty robust (Ivory Coast), when it comes to dealing with their interests and the new leadership I would expect will need a nod from them first and foremost.
I spent a week in Libreville once.
Absolute shytehole.
Was supposed to go 'next door' to Equatorial Guinea, but it was a few weeks after the Simon Mann unpleasantness, and for some reason the crazed dictator decided that white men of a certain age and bearing were not welcome.
The whole fiasco cost the company a bloody fortune, for no result

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