Gabby Parrot

Guy buys a parrot and brings it home, a few days later he has had enough of it yapping away 24hrs. Instead of bagging and drowning it he has a word with it. "Ere listen in Mr Parrot if you don't shut up I'll ave you, OK???".

The parrot shuts up for 5 mins then get's as bad as ever and louder. Guy has had enough and grabs the thing by the throat and rams it into the deep freezer. 15 mins later he brings it out icy white and chittering.

The guy say's "Ave you learned your lesson???" The parrot nods. 5 days pass and not a sound. Felling guilty he goes up to the parrot and say's "I know I asked you to shut up but not to this extent, I don't mind a few words ere and there". The parrot nods and goes towards the guys ear and whispers "I know why I got punished but WTF did the turkey do?" :twisted:

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