Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sciff69uk, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. i have been told by a friend, who is a keen body builder that GABA(gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a really good suplement. for building muscle mass and fat loss as well as other positive side effects. ive had a look on the web but all the info i find seems to only be positive due to the sites tending to be selling the stuff. but is it any good for bulking up, can i take it in the army or will i get a swift kick in the arse if found by CDT. any one used it befor?

  2. I cannot believe you are considering this! 8O 8O

    GABA is a very powerful neurotransmitter, but hey if you feel comfortable taking something to boost your muscles to the detriment of your brain, especially memory function then you are a complete twit!

    If you are following a proper muscle building programme set out by a trained Fitness Instructor then you should have no troubles 'bulking up'. Why you want to resemble someone who walks like they have shit their pants (as most bodybuilders do) is beyond me......
  3. well i was only asking advice on the subject.
  4. Sorry, but the idea of someone taking supplements as potent as this really gets to me (you might have guessed!).

    Sciff - it really is a serious drug, and if you do consider taking it. Please understand the side effects first.

    Only trying to look out for you m'dear ;-)
  5. i might just have to stay clear of it then
  6. im with flowers! not a good idea! just follow a good training plan, put the hours in & eat more protein!! meat... egg whites... even other suppliments like creatine are Pap! they basically give u loads of water retention EVERYWHERE, so u might look bigger, but if u cant deliver the goods strength wise, then whats the point!
    good luck with training!
  7. the thing is that a put the hours in and have a fairly good diet with plenty of protein etc... and for my size i would say im not too bad strength. but due to my body type (tall and skinny) i find it really hard to gain mass
  8. Why do you want to gain mass? Cosmetic reasons?
    The thing is, is you're doing everything right and still not gaining as much mass as you would like maybe you have to understand that your body isn't meant to be hugely bulked up....
  9. sadly we are made the way we are & sometimes its hard to change...our genetic make up has a lot to say for this! maybe try something different, make some changes to your weight training routine as ure muscles may have got used to it. Try some pyramid sets, super sets or some plyometrics?! if ure gonna suppliment ure diet with anything, maybe just try the protein/whey type things if u havnt before?
  10. Not a massive advocate of supplements but I have some training from a guy who was the British National Champion in Natural category. He has an awesome body and is stacked. He does have an extremely high protein, low fat diet and takes creatine supplements, but he wouldn't sing it's praises off a roof top if that makes sense. If supplementation is the way you really want to go then you could try Conjugated Linolaic Acid, a lot of lightweight rowers use it to maximise their power to weight ratio. But really, it's the right training with the right diet that is the difference that makes the difference. Look at your training program before you change anything.
  11. Do you want to gain mass or muscle?

    For muscle, there really is no substitute for a good free weights based trainging programme and a balanced diet with sufficient protein and low in fat.

    For Mass, you really need to take onboard more calories from carbs and protein.