GAAT scenerio

Good evening, what is a GAAT scenerio and where would I find more information please?

Thanks in advance,

Don't worry, you get a full brief on it in the second week when you get to FL.

You only need it for the US part of the ex, so its not worth putting any effort into. (don't tell the DS!)

Main points:

Fictional country of AHURASTAN equals BAD, Azerbaijan and Georgia GOOD, Coalition of UK, Turkey, and US good guys. Threat is conventional forces reinforced by asymmetric en (SAPA) using COE.

For the ex when you get to FL (this time round) you will be at the CFLCC level and mixed in with the US Staff Groups, the groups will be large (about 27) so most people will have a fairly easy job.

The ME of the last phase of th ex is really just 'cultural awareness' and to make the US students remeber that the UK exists!

Hope this helps.

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