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  1. Maybe a stupid question but is there any gaa teams within any of the units..
    maybe R.irish or Irish Guards
  2. there was a thread in the PDF forum (I think) about a team from the British army coming to Ireland ta play a few GAA matches so I think there is... Dunno what regiment it was tho sorry
  3. I could be wrong but I thought the rules of the GAA banned members of the Crown's forces from playing all GAA games. Having said that I was told years ago, whilst serving at Ballykinler, that in the late 1960's the resident battalion at Ballykinler (possibly the King's Regiment) used to have teams that played various sports, including GAA games both north and south of the border.
  4. You are wrong :soldier: Rules changed a few years ago, so members of the PSNI, BA etc can all play gaelic football and hurling etc.

    From what I've read BA teams seem to be composites, made up of people from all over the place, though RAF Aldergrove did enter a team into a competition not too long ago. A search of this site should throw up some information.
  5. Rules have changed. The attitude of many however have not. How many teams would be willing to play a British army GAA side? Might be good to see that change though. Leaving the politics aside and viewing it purely as a sporting spectacle it's a fairly easy game to watch. On the original point, I stand to be corrected but I do not believe there are any established teams as such within any of the "Irish" regiments. However I do recall 3 R IRISH playing the STAFFORDS in a game of gaelic football at Ballykinler about ten years ago. Also heard of 1 R IRISH forming up a squad for a couple of "friendly" games in recent years.
  6. cheers for the reply lads,most helpfull.
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I think that the rule changed (a) after the Good Friday Agreement, and (b) when the GAA discovered that they could make shedloads out of hiring out Croker for "foreign games (Rugger and Soccer).
  8. Well if it was A then they took their time, as the GFA was in 1998 (can't remember exactly when :) ) and the rule change happened in (late) 2001.
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Then the GAA was just taking their time to ensure that the agreement would stick - still after GFA :D

    Personally, I think that it was B....

    (not that I'm mercenary or cynical in any way you understand.)
  10. "Foreign games"?? Call them "garrison sports" and be damned!
  11. Of course not, perish the thought. :)