GAA in the British Army.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bombard, Aug 14, 2005.

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  1. I'm wondering if the Irish Recruits in the British Army have mustered a Hurling or Gaelic football team.

    The PSNI have one, though they've run into some problems with dinosours.

    and the second question is:

    Is anyone interesed in learning to play these sports?


    UP CORK!
  2. Wannker!

  3. Tossser

    North Down!
  4. Would ya come away outa dat ya wee la-ng-ooorrrs!

    It only de rebels for the double, b'y!
    The Banner are bate and the cats are scared!
    De Kingdom are going to get a whole new lovin' from Billy Morgan's lads.
    and after dem the gates are open to Croker.

    (and believe me, this is how Cork fella's talk after scraping a difficult game by one point)

    But back to de topic: Is there Hurling/Football team, or are people interested in trying it?
  5. Pair of tossers. Louth continue to shite on all counties!

  6. The Irish Guards had a gaelic team once I dont know if it`s still around.

  7. Gaelic lessons from a Cork supporter.....pass the sick bag.
  8. Remember reading an article in the Craftsman magazine about a gang of of guys from the North getting a team together to play the Irish Army after Rule 21 being(about time too) abolished.
  9. Exactly! Sligo? Who??
  10. How are 'minority sports' like GAA games, or Baseball, or American Football organised in the Army?

    Did the R IRISH have a team? I gather a fair few of the 1st battalion are interlopers from the south.

    And re: Sick lessons, I'm afraid if Cork do get the double the gloating will be insufferable.

    The PSNI had a game against the Gardai, I can't remember who won. They'd got themselves a coach and all.

    I suppose football would be much more common, so I'll leave hurling out of it. Pity though: It's be interesting to see a Army hurling team work out a compromise rules series with a Highland battalion playing shinty.

    Rule 21 was a disgrace: A relic of a long gone era. (FYI, Rule 21 was the one which prevented any member of the British Forces from playing GAA)

    Rule 42 should have been dumped as well, completly. (Its the one saying only GAA games can be played in GAA grounds: Meaning that Ireland's rugby internationals get played in a 42,000 stadium instead of an 88,000 stadium.)
  11. The Garda beat the PSNI- no surprise there-. I think 3 Royal Irish also had a team they played the Staffs over in Ballykinler.
  12. Did you say Louth are shite, I couldn`t agree more with you.
  13. You obviously can't read Engolish.
  14. 3 R Irish having a team, well and good: They are based in Armagh, after all.

    How do the Staffs have a team? Was it a once off of wha?

    Gunny, in fairness: If louth ever got a sunday in september, there'd be a traffic jam in both directions:

    People from louth trying to see some proof, and every knacker in dublin going north to try for some open doors.

    80% of louths population could fit into Croke park.
  15. I thought it was anyone from Crown Forces and anyone related to anyone in the Crown Forces (correct pronounciaton. 'CRUYN FOURSES' )

    Vote for Co. Tipp here btw. :twisted: