G8 Summit and security

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by finnjim, May 24, 2005.

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  1. Just heard on the news, the security for the G8 boys will be costing the taxpayer somewhere in the region of 50 million.
    Strange that their lives are so valuable, maybe if some of that money was spent on proper policing there would be a lot less murders on the streets.
    Funny how they can always find the money, when all the time they talk about cutbacks.

    Makes my blood boil.
    Where the hell is Osama when you need him?
  2. Equally some of that money could have been spent on the NHS :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. For a fifth of that they could build a conference centre/hotel on Benbecula or Ailsa Craig or some other lovely spot; send one of the RN's boats to do circles round it for the period and Bob's your uncle. Afterwards it could be used by the international porn film industry or something. Make a mint.
  4. Amazing how much security costs to protect a few dignitaries from a bunch of soapdodging anti-capitalist protestors... :roll:
  5. Are the police THAT expensive? I bet the bobbies don't get that split between them for a weels work. Someone's getting a bung somewhere.

    I believe the total cost for the event at Gleneagles is £100million for 8 so called dignatories and their aides.

  6. Me and my mate Dave will do it for a lot less than that
  7. £100 million to defend a few yet the defence of many is going through a period of cut-backs and cost saving. Good to see Tony has his priorities right.
  8. The always-reliable Sunday Times attributed some of the collossal costs to the Chinook and Tornado squadrons on standby at Edinburgh airport!


    Nosebag and billets at Gleneagles for the international jetset replete with The Finest Wines Known To Humanity, not to mention Media ops, private security, dunkin' donuts for the 500 US Secret Service agents and a gold-plated 100 yard container for Gordon Brown's moral vision for Africa.


    Add in transport, catering, accommodation and overtime costs for 10,000 cops. Priceless! And London will be barely policed for a week in July because everybody will be up in Scotland wrestling with soap-dodgers.

    I think it should be held in Iraq next year. In much the same way that you rub a puppy's nose in it's own mess to teach it a lesson.

  9. For all the humour this may generate, it is in fact wholly disgusting that such a conference can cost us this much. Us, not the government, or anyone else. And there's no real need for a large percentage of it at all, as the essential dialogue could take place in any number of secure facilities in existence. It doesn't take place there probably for the sole reason that the photo-opportunities wouldn't be up to scratch.

    An obscene waste.
  10. The Scotsman
    Thu 19 May 2005
    Aircraft carrier will guard Bush at G8

    Key points
    • America has demanded heavy US military presence during G8 summit
    • Advisors want to impose "30-minute total travel exclusion periods"
    • Disruption of road, rail and air services throughout country expected
    Key quote
    "The Americans want to do everything themselves. They want to have their own helicopters; their own armoured limousines. This happens at every summit like this, and it always causes tension between America and their hosts." - MILITARY SOURCE
    Story in full AN aircraft carrier packed with hundreds of US marines will be anchored off the west coast of Scotland during the G8 summit, according to security sources.
    The assault ship, also laden with helicopters, is expected to be dispatched as the United States armed forces prepare their own massive security operation to protect the president, George Bush, during the Gleneagles summit in July.
    A fleet of Galaxy C-5 planes, carrying armoured limousines and the helicopters that will take Bush and his entourage to the venue, is expected to touch down at Prestwick airport.
    The US is also believed to be insisting on having its own command post so it can act independently of the British police and military if there is a threat to the president.
    A military source said: "The Americans want to do everything themselves. They want to have their own helicopters; their own armoured limousines. This happens at every summit like this, and it always causes tension between America and their hosts.
    "The aircraft carrier is about giving America the capability to do lots of things with people, helicopters and the like. They also want their own command post if Bush decides they have to carry out their own operation."
    Meanwhile, security chiefs are planning a ban on all plane, train and vehicle movements around the airport when the world’s most powerful leaders fly in for the meeting.
    Advisers want to impose "30-minute total travel exclusion periods" around each flight arriving at Prestwick with a world leader on board, to thwart protesters and terrorists.
    The effect could be motorway gridlock, as well as an air-traffic nightmare for holidaymakers. This would mean all roads around the Ayrshire airport being closed, all trains being halted and all commercial flights being grounded for the arrival and departure of Bush, Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac and other world leaders for the summit from July 6-8.
    Traffic experts say the "lockdowns" could lead to 30-mile tailbacks on the M77, as the effects of the security clampdown are felt as far north as Glasgow and south into Dumfriesshire.
    Top-ranking officials met at Prestwick last week to finalise details of the operation.
    A security source said: "This is by far the biggest security operation ever mounted on Scottish soil. It may well cause widespread disruption, but that cannot be avoided. It’s a small price to pay."
    However, the plans have caused alarm among local police chiefs. Military commanders are also concerned that the "no-fly" periods may halt helicopter flights from HMS Gannet, the Royal Navy rescue base.
    Prestwick has been chosen as the main arrival airport for the world leaders because it is more difficult for protesters to get to than Edinburgh or Glasgow.
    A spokesman for Strathclyde Police said: "There may be traffic delays and disruptions because the leaders of the G8 can change their plans, and this will, in turn, force us to change our plans - but we will be keeping local communities updated."

  11. Simple solution.

    Don''t invite the t0ssers. They're more trouble than they're worth.
    The once mighty dollar - aint - so feck off colonial upstart b*st*rds.
  12. Fantastic!

    Any Padres out ther want to do Thought for Today with that one!
  13. Whiskeybreath and Veg are displaying some very clear thinking here. Perhaps they should be invited to become advisors to HMG on these issues.

    My own suggestion would be to spend a squillionth of the security costs on a damned fine video conference facility. Save all the palaver, and you only have to iron the top half of your suit if you're on a vidconf. Further savings there.
  14. Reading that the spams want their own control centre for their own ops (should the sh1t hit the fan), would this mean that they would be able to (or chose to) carry out unilateral millitary action to protect the president.

    I.e would they allow their marines to attack without prior british authority or backup??

    would that not be seen as a breaking of international laws (in that their troops would be carrying out armed operations in a soveriegn country without the countries permission)
  15. They could do that by video conference now too, the technology has really come along lately.